21 January 2004
Submitted by eve on Wed, 01/21/2004 - 10:17pm. Beautiful
"So then you can spend another two months not doing anything about it."
"Hey! Currently blocking on that!"
"I can't believe you just used the phrase 'blocking' to indicate that you can't pursue a girl because she has a boyfriend."
"You knew what I meant."
--A girl and a guy at Andronico's on Shattuck
Submitted by Saint on Wed, 01/21/2004 - 9:57am. Beautiful
"You're the most wonderful mistake I ever made!"

--an older lady to the older man she was walking with. Wal-Mart, Cortez, CO.
January 20, 2004
Submitted by PurpleCow on Tue, 01/20/2004 - 6:13pm. Beautiful
"It's gotta be in here SOMEWHERE..."
~My brother, after searching for a washcloth in a sink of soapy water...for about twenty minutes. I finally convinced him it probably wasn't there and he just might have to look elsewhere.
January 15, 2004
Submitted by PurpleCow on Sat, 01/17/2004 - 12:11pm. Beautiful
"I've been taking my pre-natal vitamins."
"What for?"
"Some people say they keep your fingernails strong and your hair shiny."
"Yeah, and they make your stomach swell up real big too!"
(Completely serious) "Why would you want your stomach to swell up more?"
~Six-months-pregnant youth leader, clueless girl, and wisecracking youth leader in church.
Submitted by persona on Fri, 01/16/2004 - 3:38pm. Beautiful
speaker1 "well you know texans"

speaker2 "yeah"

speaker1 "so unpredictable"

speaker2 "i know"

i'm not sure whether to be proud or angry!
January 15, 2004
Submitted by PurpleCow on Thu, 01/15/2004 - 6:12pm. Beautiful
"Is it track one?"
"No, it's, uh, track last."
~My parents, trying to play a certain song on a CD
Fantastic bit of Nepali mispronounciation
Submitted by gareth on Sun, 01/11/2004 - 8:34am. Beautiful
So I was in work on Friday (In a bizarre twist of fate, I now work for the Nepalese Inland Revenue Department. If I was a religious man, I'd wonder if someone was trying to tell me something...) and the Nepali guy I'm working with says this to me:

"No, taxpayer himself will usually not file appeal request at Court. Usually, taxpayer will send his liar to file it for him, isn't it?"

I managed not to laugh. Probably woulda taken a while to explain that.

Last Friday at work, Kathmandu, Nepal

I agree!!!
Submitted by curlz on Thu, 01/08/2004 - 7:25pm. Beautiful
Seen on a T-shirt: Chocolate makes my clothes shrink
Submitted by Kris the Girl on Wed, 12/31/2003 - 6:41pm. Beautiful
"Oh, did they burn the popcorn?"
"They must've. Hm. Smells like my cooking."
--Two elderly women behind me as we walked out into the lobby of a movie theatre.
21 December 2003
Submitted by eve on Mon, 12/22/2003 - 9:51am. Beautiful
"Shut up. It's our business model, and you can't make fun of it until it totally fails."
--A guy sitting at the next table over at Khana Peena.