What's the point?
Submitted by curlz on Sat, 01/28/2006 - 6:17pm. Scenes
Seen: Family eating KFC inside a chinese restaurant.

Why go to a chinese place if you don't eat the food??
Submitted by curlz on Thu, 03/24/2005 - 10:33pm. Bizarre
I've got images of you sitting in here smoking broccoli!"

"I can picture you sitting in here after sex smoking a broccoli tree instead of ciggerattes"

Stated by a friend of mine, just becasue I have a polystyrene box that says broccoli on it!
I agree!!!
Submitted by curlz on Thu, 01/08/2004 - 7:25pm. Beautiful
Seen on a T-shirt: Chocolate makes my clothes shrink
Submitted by curlz on Sun, 01/04/2004 - 12:24am. Bizarre
"her hair's better than that lady's pants"

I overheard someone say this and fet quite odd as it is usually me that says strange things.