Flee the leprechauns!
Submitted by NeKo on Sun, 04/24/2005 - 4:07pm. Bizarre
"Ahh! Leprechaun!"
-me, on a walk, when i came across a small child. i then ran away.

yeah, this is cheating because i said it, but still...
Mmm...country music.
Submitted by Obsidiana on Thu, 04/21/2005 - 11:28am. Bizarre
"Our love never died, it just smelled like it did."

-A song lyric that I swear to God I heard blaring from a pick-up truck that was at a stoplight outside my dorm. Or maybe I was hallucinating.
Submitted by NeKo on Wed, 04/20/2005 - 6:33am. Bizarre
"who decided that 8^2 wasn't, like, 47?"
"i dont know, but he probably knew the guy that decided that clouds were clouds and not muffins."
"It'd be cool if clouds were muffins..."
-me and another girl, in math class
Submitted by Hunter on Wed, 04/13/2005 - 9:25am. Bizarre
"Do you know where you can get voodoo dolls? Like, real ones? And can you do magic on someone who's already dead?"

A student worker in my department at the library
Head Injury
Submitted by missfifer on Tue, 04/12/2005 - 8:13pm. Bizarre
Guy on cellphone: "So when the trunk hit you in the head, I was like, 'oh, shit.' And so when I told my mom she was like, 'damn, you better buy her something.'"
-University of North Texas cafeteria
Long Nails
Submitted by Daniel Lehan on Thu, 04/07/2005 - 12:21am. Bizarre
A very small woman, looking at a young woman
who is seated with her boyfriend, says:

You must get your nails cut, they’re much too
long !

14th August 2003

District Light Railway, Bow Church to Stratford, London E15
Rules Suck
Submitted by Daniel Lehan on Wed, 04/06/2005 - 11:59pm. Bizarre
A guy gets on the bus, he has a tattoo of an
eagle’s head on his right arm with the words

Don’t Teach Me About Life

tattooed beneath it.

Getting on the bus behind him, another guy wears
a t-shirt with


printed on it.

7th August 2003

Number 25 Bus, London E3
Guy bugs?
Submitted by NeKo on Wed, 04/06/2005 - 8:42am. Bizarre
"Ladybugs are the red ones. Guy bugs are the white ones."
-girl in math class
Travelling Showman
Submitted by Daniel Lehan on Wed, 04/06/2005 - 1:51am. Bizarre
A stout man pulling a black trunk on wheels, the
word PUPPET written along one side, on another
side, the words CHILDREN’S PARTIES.

21st July 2003

Victoria Coach Station, London SW1
April 4, 2005
Submitted by PurpleCow on Mon, 04/04/2005 - 11:10am. Bizarre
"Don't do your creepy donkey whistle. Please."
~One of my Spanish classmates to another