Submitted by Obsidiana on Sun, 11/13/2005 - 6:43pm. Graffiti
"COUNT DRUNCULA wants to steal your weed"

-carved into a ceiling beam in the living room at a party I went to last night
Mmm...country music.
Submitted by Obsidiana on Thu, 04/21/2005 - 11:28am. Bizarre
"Our love never died, it just smelled like it did."

-A song lyric that I swear to God I heard blaring from a pick-up truck that was at a stoplight outside my dorm. Or maybe I was hallucinating.
Submitted by Obsidiana on Tue, 03/16/2004 - 10:03pm. Beautiful
"Actually, you can just call me Mike!"

-My friend Melissa and a random guy as he sprinted across the SUNY Delhi campus. He gets many cool points for thinking on his feet.
Submitted by Obsidiana on Mon, 01/26/2004 - 3:49pm. Funny
"So, did you go out with that goalie's sister last night?"

-One middle-aged guy to another in The Black Bear Restaurant in Warrensburg, NY.

That is just so, so Northcountry.
Submitted by Obsidiana on Tue, 12/09/2003 - 4:33pm. Tragic
"...and some girl was in the computer lab and she lost a 25 page paper."

-a guy behind me as I walked across campus right after the power went out. In the middle of finals week.
Submitted by Obsidiana on Mon, 11/24/2003 - 1:08pm. Funny
"...he should be president."
"Yeah! We wouldn't ever have to go to war, he'd just put all the other countries to sleep!"
-two guys talking about our Astronomy professor

It's funny because it's true. Well...he definitely puts me to sleep at any rate.
Submitted by Obsidiana on Fri, 11/14/2003 - 2:57pm. Funny
*throws a coin* "Here, Aaron! Have a penny...'cause you're STUPID!"

-A guy standing outside one of the dorms
Submitted by Obsidiana on Fri, 10/31/2003 - 10:39am. Beautiful
"Sticky? Yes. But worth it? Ohhhh, yes!"

-A guy standing outside the dining hall eating a candy apple
Submitted by Obsidiana on Mon, 10/27/2003 - 9:47am. Graffiti

-written on a table in Yokum Lecture Hall at PSU

Amen to that...
Submitted by Obsidiana on Thu, 10/23/2003 - 1:12pm. Bizarre
"It's so coooold outside! What are we to do? RUN AWAY! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!! I'm the swamp monster and I'm coming to eat you!!!"

-a girl who was walking behind me on my way to Math

I just don't know...