20 June 2002
Submitted by eve on Thu, 06/20/2002 - 8:06pm. Wisdom
"But she said she's not going to stop buying clothes because I'm not going to stop smoking weed."
"Fair's fair, man. One vice for another."
-- Two guys crossing Telegraph Avenue
It turns out that headphones aren't the only problem I've got with trying to fill Eve's shoes. In addition to the headphones, I walk very fast. I walk with a purpose. I dodge my way through the slower foot-traffic, and forge a path down the curb behind street vendors when the sidewalk gets clogged. I've found that I have to make a very conscious effort to slow down every half a block in order to listen in on people, and once I tune in on a conversation I have to slow down even more to hear enough of the conversation to post.

Though now that I think about it, if I literally wore Eve's shoes, my stumbling would probably sufficiently slow me down and would yield some good material for the site.
-- Benjamin
27 May 2002
Submitted by eve on Tue, 05/28/2002 - 11:02am. Wisdom
"Thank you for the flowers... no, you can't have a kiss, but you have my admiration. That should be worth more to you! 'Cause you can kiss anyone, but you don't necessarily admire them."
--Shirley Manson, lead singer of Garbage at the Warfield.
11 May 2002
Submitted by eve on Sat, 05/11/2002 - 7:44pm. Wisdom
"And by the end of the summer, everyone had
special powers, remember?"
"Frisbee golf is not a special power."
--Two guys at the Exploratorium.
10 March 2002
Submitted by eve on Sun, 03/10/2002 - 11:35pm. Wisdom
"You can tell a lie. You can't dance a lie."
--A girl walking on Rose st, to the guy walking with her.
6 March 2002
Submitted by eve on Thu, 03/07/2002 - 8:26am. Wisdom
"It has no basis in reality. Porn is just an abstract concept trying to be real -- it's like Pinocchio."
--A guy walking on Solano Ave
2 March 2002
Submitted by eve on Mon, 03/04/2002 - 5:44am. Wisdom
"I know all too well the brief pleasures of thin ice."
--A guy on Market St, SF, talking on a cell phone
7 February 2002
Submitted by eve on Fri, 02/08/2002 - 12:28am. Wisdom
"When does life become worth living?"
"...Whenever you say so, darling."
--A pretentious sounding girl and a rather sarcastic guy who sounded like he wasn't paying attention to her, outside Cafe Nefeli
Sorry about the previous lack of description in this post. Updated now. This was most definitely not a sweet moment. :-)
6 February 2002
Submitted by eve on Thu, 02/07/2002 - 12:04am. Wisdom
"Being honest is the nice thing to do. I wouldn't lie about this... going ahead and saying it, right thing to do."
"But it's not nice to say things like, 'I liked you better when you were on drugs.'"
--Two girls walking near Cory Hall
3 February 2002
Submitted by eve on Sun, 02/03/2002 - 9:28pm. Wisdom
"If GSIs were an army though, we'd be the kind of army that's barefoot because we're so poor, and don't really want to be there anyway."
--A guy in Cafe Milano
GSIs being, of course, Grad Student Instructors in non-abbreviated Berkeley-speak. In plain language, GSIs are "the people that you bother when you don't understand what the professor was mumbling into the microphone that he has to wear because he's lecturing to 600 people."
23 January 2001
Submitted by eve on Thu, 01/24/2002 - 1:37am. Wisdom
"A computer could never, ever win a freestyle walking competition, though."
--A guy outside Soda Hall