Submitted by B L Zebub on Sun, 01/21/2007 - 12:39pm. Funny
Man: My account\'s £30000 overdrawn!
Woman: How else was I s\'posed to fill my new wardrobe?!
Mystery Science Theatre: Eragon Edition
Submitted by Sephiroths_Slave on Fri, 12/22/2006 - 11:57am. Funny
*Eragon is walking over to something that looks like a small chest on a table.*

\\\"Dear Eragon, enclosed are your cousin\\\'s testicles.\\\"

*Eragon removes the cloth covering to reaveal that it is actually a book.*

\\\"Dear Eragon, enclosed is a picture of your cousin\\\'s testicles, which we have removed.\\\"

*Eragon opens the book, to reveal text and pictures of dragons.*

-slight pause-

\\\"Dear Eragon, enclosed is a description of how we removed your cousin\\\'s testicles!\\\"

-My boyfriend, Sean, doing Mystery Science Theatre type commentary on the new movie Eragon. What made it even more hilarious for me was the fact that I was going to say the last one, but he beat me to it!
15 November 2006
Submitted by eve on Wed, 11/15/2006 - 8:49pm. Funny
\"Wow... what a relic!\"
\"Yeah, it\'s like 2000 called and wants its dotcom style back.\"
\"...I meant the typewriter on the bookcase.\"
--A woman and a man in the lobby of the W Hotel
26 October 2006
Submitted by eve on Thu, 10/26/2006 - 11:02pm. Funny
\"Come on, martinis at Martuni\'s! Even Melinda\'s coming. Market at Valencia.\"
\"How is either of those things possible? And anyway, especially now, no.\"
--Two girls standing near the Montgomery Bart station
Most shmucks aren\\\'t...
Submitted by Kerath on Tue, 10/24/2006 - 7:31pm. Funny
\"His doctor is a shmuck. Now, I\'m sure he\'s a very nice shmuck, but...\"
I heard my mom saying this to someone earlier this evening about my step-dad\'s doctor.
25 Sept 2006
Submitted by eve on Mon, 09/25/2006 - 10:33pm. Funny
\"It wasn\'t me. It was nice, but not interesting enough for $300. You know, \'Don\'t bore Nina.\'\"
\"Yeah, because Nina will eat your young.\"
\"Oh come on, she\'d never take on those extra calories.\"
--A girl and a guy outside Metier, in San Francisco.
I hate that show...
Submitted by NeKo on Mon, 08/28/2006 - 11:42am. Funny
\\\"Did you see this one show where they take whores off the street and give them jobs?\\\"
\\\"American Idol?\\\"

-two people in this chat room online i go to.
28 July 2006
Submitted by eve on Fri, 07/28/2006 - 11:28pm. Funny
\\\"It just felt really gratuitous.\\\"
\\\"Yeah, I guess the scene with the insects could have been cut.\\\"
\\\"I don\\\'t know what scene really was necessary. But I guess King Kong had to show up at some point.\\\"
--Two guys talking at Taqueria Cancun
Lunch was her favorite class.
Submitted by agent ann on Thu, 07/27/2006 - 7:19pm. Funny
Happened in lunch when i was in seventh grade.

friend: *burp*
me: \\\"two words, please?\\\"
friend: \\\"i burped.\\\"
23 July 2006
Submitted by eve on Sun, 07/23/2006 - 10:42pm. Funny
\"Rememeber how you were worried that maybe the math had worked out that we\'d each had our own bottle of wine? I don\'t think that\'s a problem; I think that\'s just the truth.\"
--A guy talking to a girl and a guy at The Butler and Chef


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