Judgement day is here
Submitted by Saint on Mon, 10/13/2003 - 7:47pm. Scenes
Seen at a Main St stoplight in Cortez, CO: A scrawny blonde man holding up a wooden cross about six inches taller than he is, with a plaque reading "Jesus" nailed to the crosspiece. As traffic passes, he gives the drivers thumbs-up, then gestures wildly at his cross as if someone might miss it if he didn't point it out.

A coworker suggested that perhaps the man was hitchiking, and wanted potential rides to know he was a Christian.
It's a sign
Submitted by Saint on Wed, 10/08/2003 - 10:08pm. Graffiti
WOOD FOR SALE does beavers good

--a sign by Hwy 666 (oh, excuse me, Hwy 491 now)
Stand up for your rights
Submitted by Saint on Tue, 10/07/2003 - 12:39am. Tragic
"I dunno, maybe she's right."
"She is not right. Stand up to her! She has to accept you for who you are, or she's not worth your time. You're a pot smoker, and if she can't deal with that, she needs to just find someone else."

--a guy and a girl waiting in line for Underworld in the High Five Cinema. Durango, CO.
My girl IS that dirty
Submitted by Saint on Sat, 10/04/2003 - 10:40am. Graffiti
"I wish my girl was this dirty"

--Seen written in the dirt on the side of a car, Wal-Mart parking lot, Cortez, CO.

I almost filed this under "bizarre" because almost the exact same graffiti appears as a toss-off in a book I read a couple of years ago (I think it was Storm by Boris Starling, but I couldn't swear to it).
Look, it's funny, really, I'm not crazy
Submitted by Saint on Sat, 10/04/2003 - 9:30am. Graffiti
1st handwriting: Give piece a chance.
2nd handwriting: Can't we all just git it on?

--Seen on a bathroom wall in Wal-Mart, Cortez, CO

No one ever understands why I find this so funny. *sigh*
A valid title.
Submitted by Saint on Sat, 10/04/2003 - 9:06am. Funny
"Truly. You are the mashed potatoes."

--A deadpan girl to another girl leaving Hot Topic with a bag full of goth goodies. In the Westlake Mall, Seattle.