29 April 2002
Submitted by eve on Tue, 04/30/2002 - 2:04pm. Beautiful
"It's the perfect manner of exploitation labor. Make the grad student apply for the grant to pay for the work, have the grad student do the work all summer, and if the grant goes through, the grad student gets paid. Otherwise, it's his own fault for writing a bad grant proposal, but he doesn't find that out until after he's worked all summer. The university is so totally screwing me."
--A guy in Yali's cafe
23 March 2002
Submitted by eve on Sun, 03/24/2002 - 8:18am. Beautiful
"Tom can go to hell, for all I care."
"When I does, I hope he takes his cat."
--A woman and a man in line at the Cheese Board Pizza Collective
Just so you all know, I'm headed home for spring break, and my net access will be a little sporatic. I'll update as best I can, and I promise that regular updates will resume in a week. A bientot.
24 February 2002
Submitted by eve on Mon, 02/25/2002 - 12:34pm. Beautiful
"I just said, 'I'm going to be gone for a week, take what's yours before Tuesday.' And when I got back, she'd not only taken her stuff, but she'd taken every gift she'd ever given me. Seriously, like, pictures out of the frames. And stuff that was mine, but she liked. She took my comforter! My nice down comforter, and she took my marble chess set, and she doesn't even play chess."
"That's why you broke up with her, isn't it? Because she couldn't play chess?"
--Two guys at Safeway
10 October 2001
Submitted by eve on Thu, 10/11/2001 - 12:19am. Beautiful
"No straight guy would respond to an instant message like that with anything other than 'huh.'"
--A guy at Cafe Presse
10 October 2001
Submitted by eve on Thu, 10/11/2001 - 12:17am. Beautiful
"Given the way that Guinness looks, I'm always surprised that it doesn't taste like sludge."
"You realize you're insulting the closest thing I have to a religion, right?"
--A girl and a guy at Triple Rock
7 June 2001
Submitted by eve on Thu, 06/07/2001 - 3:17pm. Beautiful
"His name is Reverend Billy, and he does performance art, among other things. He'll be in Starbucks, talking on a cell phone,
*mimicks talking into a phone*
'You're in the Starbucks on Astor Place? Why, I'm in the Starbucks on Astor place! Which one are you in? I can see four of them from where I'm standing!'"
--A girl in line at the ATM
God bless google. I think this is the guy.
4 April 2001
Submitted by eve on Wed, 04/04/2001 - 2:39pm. Beautiful
"Oh my god."
--Me, on learning that my bag had been found.
I keep losing and regaining my faith in humanity so quickly that my head is spinning.
I got home from my midterm this morning and there was a message saying that a grocery store had called, they'd found my bag...
...with everything still in it.
I am shocked. I am amazed. I am most of all baffled.
Wallet. Cash. Credit cards. ID. Palm Pilot. Palm Pilot GoType keyboard. Camera. Notebook. Neuro book. Keys. Checkbook. Paycheck stubs. Phone bill.
I am missing a tin of Penguin Mints, and a lipstick.
I can deal.
This all just happened. I'm still in shock. Pardon the short sentences.
Last night what I realized I was the most upset about was the class notes, and lost In Passing entries, both of which were on the palm. Important lesson learned; backup my palm more frequently.

There are a bunch of people I need to thank for coming to my rescue in one form or another when I was panicking.
Thank you to my friends and dear ones who calmed me down, sorted things out, loaned me money, loaned me neuro notes, drove me to get said neuro notes, gave me hugs, and took me out for dinner and a pint.
Thank you to the waitress at Raleigh's, for not carding.
Thank you to the friend who lives in my building and got the maintenance manager to change my locks.
Thank you to my Neurology professor, for being kind and understanding and offering to weight my final so that this midterm counted less, since I couldn't study much.
Thank you to the guy who believed my story and made me a new key for my place when I couldn't get in, before the locks were changed.
Thank you to the grocery store employee who found my purse, and to the manager who called every person listed in California who had any variation of my name, trying to find me.
And thank you, all of you, for your sympathy and comiseration and support, both here and through email. Special thanks to the guy who offered me his spare palm pilot. I might have been robbed by a stranger yesterday, but today it was the kindness of people I've never met that helped me along.

Oh yeah, one more thing.
Hey, universe! I want all this drama to stop happening to me. I'm ready for a period of quiet existance. No more drama with work, family, friends, love, or worldly possessions.
Thanks, I'd appreciate it.
23 March 2001
Submitted by eve on Sat, 03/24/2001 - 4:25pm. Beautiful
"Darling, everyone should be free to live, love and be fabulous."
--A man outside the women's restroom at Polly Esther's, apparently talking to someone inside.
25 February 2001
Submitted by eve on Sun, 02/25/2001 - 1:55pm. Beautiful
"Usually I get mad at people whose minds are in the gutter. They get in the way of my periscope."
--A guy in Sufficient Grounds
I think this one has been said before, but I heard it and liked it a lot.

By the way, I added a new category, "Beautiful," for things that are just that.
22 February 2001
Submitted by eve on Thu, 02/22/2001 - 1:53am. Beautiful
I've read Living Colors almost a year now -- in case you hadn't checked it out earlier from my links section, it's the daily diary of a girl about my age named Kaycee, who is battling cancer. That sounds incredibly depressing, but amazingly her writing and outlook on life are so beautiful that you can't help but feel hopeful reading it.

I don't know Kaycee at all beyond what I've read on her page, but tonight I saw this, that her cancer is in remission, and it just made me so happy, that I all but forgot about the lousyness of today. Marvelous, if you think about it, to be able to feel happiness for somone you don't even know... it's just like sending out good energy to the whole world.

I probably need a weblog for this sort of discussion, but it's so rare that I get sappily happy that I couldn't help but share.