7 June 2001
Submitted by eve on Thu, 06/07/2001 - 3:17pm. Beautiful
"His name is Reverend Billy, and he does performance art, among other things. He'll be in Starbucks, talking on a cell phone,
*mimicks talking into a phone*
'You're in the Starbucks on Astor Place? Why, I'm in the Starbucks on Astor place! Which one are you in? I can see four of them from where I'm standing!'"
--A girl in line at the ATM
God bless google. I think this is the guy.
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Posted by Anne Onymous on Wed, 12/12/2001 - 11:40am.
Archived comment by Arlene:
I really thought she meant Rev Billy C Wirtz (who has a link to that Rev Billy on his site). I didn't know he ever went to the west coast. Now I still don't.

I've linked to his site before, so I don't feel like doing it now. 8-p
Posted by Anne Onymous on Tue, 06/12/2001 - 11:57pm.
Archived comment by brina:
not that it matters much, but i was actually at the starbucks on astor tonight and wrote a bit about it in my
online journal.
Posted by Anne Onymous on Mon, 06/11/2001 - 5:37pm.
Archived comment by Marla:
"yearly requirement for toxic intake relationship"

That is fantastic! :)

I love it how it is possible to justify the regular intake of mild toxins:

I drink to strengthen my liver. Cirrosis makes the liver tough.

Coffee helps my brain to feel alive, rejuvinated, sparky.

Cigars provide a fragrant addition to the air.

Posted by Anne Onymous on Mon, 06/11/2001 - 10:03am.
Archived comment by Jon:
Starbucks and I have a "yearly requirement for toxic intake" relationship. Yes, that's as crazy as it sounds. Every so often, I crave fast food/caffeine/one of a dozen other mild toxins - and, depending on circumstances and laziness, I either feed the need or don't.

I'm sure if I had a healthier lifestyle(food, exercise, etc.) this wouldn't be an issue. Damn, would that be boring!
Posted by Anne Onymous on Mon, 06/11/2001 - 9:09am.
Archived comment by Lanie:
That is indeed the guy.
Posted by Anne Onymous on Mon, 06/11/2001 - 7:32am.
Archived comment by Obsidiana:
Nope. I'm in upstate NY, where we've got a mystery book store called "Haven't Got A Clue" or something like that.
Posted by Anne Onymous on Mon, 06/11/2001 - 7:20am.
Archived comment by David:

"Daily Grind?" You wouldn't happen to live in Bloomington IN, would you? I was at grad school there; they had a Daily Grind partnered with a bakery called the Daily Bread.

If you're planning on opening a store somewhere with a punnish name, chances are nine in ten that you'll be opening either a coffee shop or a bookstore specializing in mysteries.
Posted by Anne Onymous on Sun, 06/10/2001 - 2:40pm.
Archived comment by Jobear:
I love Starbucks. Fargo doesn't have Starbucks. I have to swing by every day before work, and it would be AWESOME if there were four on a corner near my apartment. Caffeine isn't as bad for us as once thought, I read the other day. In fact, I think it saved my life. Happy frappucino!
Posted by Anne Onymous on Fri, 06/08/2001 - 12:28pm.
Archived comment by Phil:

It was possibly Kaiserdom Rauchbier, which is made by "smoking" the brew over alder twigs. Alaskan makes a smoked porter, and Rogue makes a pretty good smoked ale.

Thank you for indulging my inner beer geek.
Posted by Anne Onymous on Fri, 06/08/2001 - 12:24pm.
Archived comment by Marv:
Also there is a good tea shop in Newton. Has some corny name....Tea for Two or something like that
Posted by Anne Onymous on Fri, 06/08/2001 - 12:22pm.
Archived comment by Marv:
Aaah, Sumatra Mandaling, that was a good coffee.
Posted by Anne Onymous on Fri, 06/08/2001 - 11:22am.
Archived comment by Ben:
For the sake of arguement, I like many varieties of beer.

For domestics, I usually go microbrews, Old Brown Dog Ale (from the Smuttynose Brewing Co. - a subsidiary of the Portsmouth Brewing Co.). I go for Harpoon IPA for a light draft, though Pete's Winter is pretty tasty (just unavailable right now). I'll drink moosehead every once in a while (there's something about the nostalgia of $1.00 mooseheads), plus its sometimes the only beer available which I'll drink when you head out of the city.

As far as imports are concerned, I am in boston, so I drink Guinness as its sometimes the only stout available. Newcastle is my favorite sipping beer. When possible Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout is my preferred stout, though their oatmeal and taddy porter are pretty fantastic. If I'm in a light mood, I'll sometimes get a belgian white or framboise (lindeman's is great but pricey), and there are a bunch of franciscan's available around here as well that are quite good.

For the most part, when I go to Bukowski's i play spin the wheel, and get a randomly selected beer from their wheel. Every once in a while I wind up with one that isn't so good, but for the most part they've got good stuff listed. They've also got this German beer which (I am not kidding about this) tastes like meat. Nasty? Probably, but vaguely addictive. Basically, if I've never heard of it I'll give it a try.

Coffee Shops in boston... Hmmmmm
I've kind of stopped exploring different coffee shops, and for the most part drinking coffee as well. However, I still do on drink it on occasion, and I mainly go to the Algiers in Cambridge. They make a great pot of turkish coffee. Above and beyond that, I'll hit the D&D every once in a while, but more to bring in donuts to work, and less for the coffee. Other than that I'll make my own...

I've never actually been to MV, but when I do make it there I'll be sure and try them.

Coffee is a hit & miss sort of thing, when I drank it all the time I usually crunched on some beans for a bit to see how the flavor was. That way a bad machine and or a coffee server (i forget the term) having a bad day wouldn't effect the flavor. Then I'd try an espresso, and if I was feeling adventerous I'd try a couple more cups. I used to play dumb and ask them about their flavors listed. Anyone who told me colombian was strong imediately lost credibility. (Colombian is a full bodied low acid coffee which why it is associated with a morning coffee). Personally I drank a lot more sumatran when I worked for the roaster (which is the largest pain in the butt to roast because the skins do funny things and it winds up being hand sorted).

Mindy came back from a cruise in Jamaca with a 1/2lb. bag of Jamaica Blue Mountain as a gift, and I asked her how much she paid for it. She said $7.00. I asked her who she got it from (assuming she'd found a completely dishonest criminal at that price) and she told me she got it from one of the plantations... In the states the same bag would cost at least $32.00. It was fantastic, and awe inspiring. JBM is the second rarest coffee in the world. Third is Kona (I believe) and the rarest is something lizard turd, which is partially processed by a lizard eating it and pooping it out. I've never head it, and I am not sure if I ever will.

On a side note, I'm much more of a Trident (Newbury St.) Wu-Wei tea fan these days.

Well.... that was long winded....
Posted by Anne Onymous on Fri, 06/08/2001 - 10:56am.
Archived comment by Reverend Billy:
Genevieve would you participate in some sort of march around Union Square, stopping at Starbucks with the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir? We'd be like weird carolers. What I'd like to do is find some of the folks that $bucks displaced, the former tenanats who were evicted when the Mermaid Monsters show up and offer the landlord triple. Have some displaced people tell us what happened. They just disappear, generally. And amazing how $bucks shows up in the middle of the night, you never see them build, they back a truck against a storefront and next morning there it all is with buckheads cross-legged sipping coffee like they've been there forever...
Posted by Anne Onymous on Fri, 06/08/2001 - 10:07am.
Archived comment by Marv:
Just for the sake of argument, what kind of beer do you like?

Where does one go in the Boston area for a good cup of coffee. Although I am pretty sure that they don't roast there own beans, Mocha Mott's on Marthas Vineyard is great (maybe just being on the Vineyard makes it taste better)
Posted by Anne Onymous on Fri, 06/08/2001 - 9:58am.
Archived comment by Ben:
I prefer corn squeezins to Starbucks Coffee...

Hey if the entire population of St. Louis really wants to kick my but just becasue I don't like their beer, I'm pretty sure I've posted directions to my home...on this thread even... Now, its pretty silly to kick someone's butt because they don't like something, maybe if I said that they should ban anhauser busch products then they should - as that actually would make an impact on them... but the reality is - I made an opinionated statement, reflecting my opinion. If you don't like my opinion, S.O.P. is to ignore my opinion. Personnally, I think they make crap, but I'll defend their right to make crap until the day I die... and if someone else likes their crap - fantastic - and then I doubt its crap to them... I do however, appologize for degrading their name by mentioning Starbucks in the same sentence though...

Oh, and St. Louis has one heck of a great Hockey Team.
Posted by Anne Onymous on Fri, 06/08/2001 - 8:00am.
Archived comment by Willie:
Try telling that to someone from St. Louis, Ben, and see if you don't get whomped.
Posted by Anne Onymous on Fri, 06/08/2001 - 7:18am.
Archived comment by Ben:
Having spent a summer working at a roaster (among other things) for a coffee joint where I grew up, I came to detest the existence of starbucks. Long story short: From a purely coffee snob standpoint, they burn their bean - all of it not just the espresso. They bought out all the coffee connections in the Boston Area years ago (probably '94 or '95ish) and ruined a chain which actually produced a decent cup of bean. Shall I discuss them finally not purchasing milk with RBGH in it?

Starbucks is to coffee/esspresso what Anhauser Busch is to Beer - and that is no lie.
Posted by Anne Onymous on Fri, 06/08/2001 - 6:07am.
Archived comment by Phil:
What is the largest city in North America without a Starbucks? I live in Knoxville, TN,(pop. 100,000+ & a major university) and either we have slipped under their radar or they think we are all a bunch of Snuffy Smith wannabes who prefer "corn squeezins" to coffee. Nevertheless, there are no Starbucks in town.
Posted by Anne Onymous on Thu, 06/07/2001 - 9:28pm.
Archived comment by Genevieve:
Hoss! I guess this means you got back to Berkeley
okay. Oh, and I live on Union Square - a few
blocks uptown from Astor - and there are three
Starbuckseses on my square. Luckily, there's lots
of good, locally-owned coffee too, so it's not
like I go without. Incidentally, my fave part of
Rev. Billy's site is the commentary on the
nipple-less state of the poor Starbucks mermaid.
Posted by Anne Onymous on Thu, 06/07/2001 - 9:12pm.
Archived comment by Genevieve:
I confirm that this is, in fact, the correct
website. Rock on, Eve.
Posted by Anne Onymous on Thu, 06/07/2001 - 8:31pm.
Archived comment by Tom:
Which is worse: in Tokyo where Starbucks is a whole floor in a high-rise and KFC is a two-story building, or what we've got now?

(makes me gag either way...)
Posted by Anne Onymous on Thu, 06/07/2001 - 7:01pm.
Archived comment by Julia:
Five Starbucks in one place? Good God, that doesn't bode well. I live in a city at the arse end of New Zealand and we not long ago got our first Starbucks.....
They get everywhere and breed!
Posted by Anne Onymous on Thu, 06/07/2001 - 6:35pm.
Archived comment by Sheep:
Berkeley coffee shops have funny names like, um... "Sufficient Grounds"

I forget all the rest since I don't drink coffee.

Caffeine = evil!
Posted by Anne Onymous on Thu, 06/07/2001 - 6:31pm.
Archived comment by Tucker:
Fiends don't let fiends drink Starbuck's.

Tucker (a long term caf-fiend)
Posted by Anne Onymous on Thu, 06/07/2001 - 4:09pm.
Archived comment by Obsidiana:
A locally owned coffee shop here (called The Daily Grind) has free bumperstickers that read:

Friends don't let friends drink Starbucks.
Posted by Anne Onymous on Thu, 06/07/2001 - 3:55pm.
Archived comment by Marla:
The first Starbucks has been opened here and the second one is being built.

The local goths held a wake and we supported it.

Coffee is dead! Long live "Coffee"!
Posted by Anne Onymous on Thu, 06/07/2001 - 3:43pm.
Archived comment by Hoss Man:
I know those Starbucks ... he's not kidding you can litterally be inside one and see the other 4 through the windows.
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