24 March 2004
Submitted by eve on Wed, 03/24/2004 - 12:40am. Beautiful
"He disappeared from Google after college. A very annoying quality in a man."
--A girl with a laptop at A Cuppa Tea
21 March 2004
Submitted by eve on Sun, 03/21/2004 - 10:15pm. Beautiful
"What's something horrible that's happened to you lately? Please, let me mine your life for my personal gain."
--One guy to another at Berkeley Bowl
18 March 2004
Submitted by eve on Thu, 03/18/2004 - 10:14pm. Funny
"Isn't it funny that by looking hot, you're actually being colder than everyone else?"
--A girl, to her minimally clad female friend at Cafe Nomad.
15 March 2004
Submitted by eve on Mon, 03/15/2004 - 7:30am. Beautiful
"Do you miss it?"
"Oh, no, we came to Dallas from Ahmedabad twenty three years ago. We are cowboys now!"
--A teenage girl, and a tiny elderly woman, talking at DFW.
12 March 2004
Submitted by eve on Fri, 03/12/2004 - 7:27am. Um...
"I'm saying 'bloated' isn't a problem for a person, but it's a problem for a budget."
--A man talking on a cell phone outside Starbucks
9 March 2004
Submitted by eve on Tue, 03/09/2004 - 8:10pm. Um...
"I remember the first time I met you. You missed all the meetings. Larry was lost without you."
"Oh yes." *coolly*"I didn't realize the time difference."
"Didn't the pilot mention it? 'Thank you for choosing BA, the local time in New York is 8am and the local weather is better than what you're used to?'"
"I took the company plane."
--Two men talking in the lobby of the W Hotel.

Out in businesstriplandia, but no, of course I'm not staying at the W. I'm certainly using their lovely lobby wireless net, though. Thanks, Starwood.
6 March 2004
Submitted by eve on Sat, 03/06/2004 - 10:20pm. Bizarre
"And there were actually parents livid with me for teaching their children that there was more than one way to think about women."
"To think about women like Marie Curie, or...?"
"Marie Curie or Pam Anderson. All the same. Doesn't matter."
--Two women talking in line at Caribou Coffee
3 March 2004
Submitted by eve on Wed, 03/03/2004 - 6:52am. Funny
"Good call on the reservations. Makes it look like there was advance planning."
"There was. We made reservations."
"You know..."
--Two women arguing in the bathroom at P.F. Changs
29 February 2004
Submitted by eve on Sun, 02/29/2004 - 6:45am. Funny
"So I get home, and she's sitting at the kitchen table with a notebook, counting all the carrot sticks."
--Two women talking outside Pegasus books
25 February 2004
Submitted by eve on Wed, 02/25/2004 - 12:08am. Funny
"I don't know. Do you want to just go home and watch season 1 and cry?"
--A girl and a guy walking aimlessly around Reel video.