Because it isn't repetitive enough as it is
Submitted by lalaith on Tue, 03/21/2006 - 1:01pm. Um...
me: ...New York, New York
lady on phone: the city is New York, New York?
me: yes
lady on phone: so that's [street address], city: New York New York, state: New York
me: ...
If I only had a wit...
Submitted by lalaith on Tue, 01/03/2006 - 6:03pm. Funny
Me: *makes a silly joke*
My mom: "I'm going to the bathroom"
Me: "What?! And leave me here with my wit?"
My mom: "I'm leaving you alone, dear"
I am lost. I have gone out to find myself. If I return before I get back, please ask me to wait.
Submitted by lalaith on Sun, 01/01/2006 - 10:31am. Um...
"Oh goodness. We're not even near where we are."

~my mother
That's the kind of Prohibition I could get behind
Submitted by lalaith on Mon, 10/17/2005 - 6:19pm. Funny
"We were trying to rid the world of alcohol..."
*crowd boos*
" drinking it."
*crowd cheers*

~Elvis Costello (at the Chevrolet Amphitheater in Pittsburgh)
Not a place for the claustrophobic
Submitted by lalaith on Mon, 10/10/2005 - 8:58am. Beautiful
"Only in New York [City] can you go into a bathroom stall and think 'Ahh, I finally have some space!'"

~my mom
And the towel would have nothing to do with it, I'm sure.
Submitted by lalaith on Fri, 09/09/2005 - 7:03pm. Funny
"My toes look so hot tonight. I could go out in just a towel and my toes and pick up men"
~one of my roommates
Now there's a personal ad
Submitted by lalaith on Tue, 07/05/2005 - 11:00am. Tragic
Girl #1: Boys! Ugh!
Pregnant girl: Yeah. I'm going to get a new boyfriend. He can be my baby's daddy, I need someone new to go out and have fun with. telepathy?
Submitted by lalaith on Wed, 05/18/2005 - 2:11pm. Um...
"We are currently experiencing a telephone outage. For emergencies and medical conditions, please call [phone number]."

~an announcement made at the hospital where I work
When plants attack
Submitted by lalaith on Mon, 03/28/2005 - 8:22am. Funny
"It was a traumatic experience!"


"It had such a pretty name, Angel's Trumpet... but no, Flower O Doom."

~my friend, about our trip to Phipps Conservatory. He took a whiff of a giant flower and was rather overcome by it.
They may reject my invitations to lunch after that
Submitted by lalaith on Mon, 03/21/2005 - 9:09am. Um...
"...I can still hang out with my friends, which is good."
"Yeah, you can put them on sandwiches"
-me on the phone with my friend, who was in the grocery store with her mom