Chicken fat cookies
Submitted by NeKo on Fri, 10/29/2004 - 10:18am. Um...
My friends and I were eating lunch. One of the friends was really grossed out about learning in Social Studies that people made cookies using chicken fat during some world war. (i'm saying 'some' becasue i don't remember) so 'chicken fat cookies' was then the phrase of the day
friend: *whispers to me* we should come with chicken fat cookies some random day and give her one and tell her what it is after she eats it
grossed out: *angrily* what did you just say?!
me: she said that Brian likes chicken fat cookies
grossed out: how do YOU know?
friend: it says on his website. his mom makes them for him every time he comes home
-the Brian mentioned is the backstreet boy, Brian Littrell, the grossed out friend's favorite music artist
friend:*reading the classifieds in the newspaper* wow, this bartending job pays really well. But it must be hard having to learn how to make all of those drinks...
me: not as hard as making... CHICKEN FAT COOKIES!
grossed out: *sqeals angrily then chases me*
me: *runs away with an evil grin*
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