Ahh...young love
Submitted by sleepint0dream on Fri, 10/29/2004 - 8:47am. Funny
Cat: So we were at the dance, and he asked me to dance almost every song. This kid really liked me.
Jenna: Did you like him?
Cat: Well yeah, kinda. So all of a sudden, he starts kissing me in the middle of the dance floor in front of everyone. This is like the 9th grade, and I hate kissing in front of other people.
Sarah: So what did you do? Did you stop him?
Cat: Well I didnt really know how.
Rae: I know, its hard, you just gotta kinda pull away slowly.
Cat: Or try to bite their tongue off.
Jenna: WHAT? Cat, you tried to bite the kid's tongue off??
Cat: I didnt know what else to do!
Sarah: Did it work?
Cat: Not really.
Rae: What if he thought you were being kinky or something?
Jenna: Cat, I cant believe you tried to bite his tongue.
Cat: Guys! I didnt know what to do! I didnt want him kissing me in front of all those people! ACK! I never should have told you guys!

One of the very interesting lunch conversations with the Big Ol Christian Quad
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