Submitted by Apple on Tue, 03/23/2004 - 5:47pm. Um...
Free Rabies!
Ask For Details

Veterinary clinic's sign. I think it's time to get a different vet, Mac. Seriously.
Hey, we don't condemn here!
Submitted by Apple on Sun, 02/29/2004 - 6:19pm. Funny
"I think they go to a nondamnational church now."
Sad to say it, but this one was me. However, in my defense, I had taken a sleep aid twenty minutes earlier. Shouldn't ask me questions when I'm drugged, nope!
Submitted by Apple on Sun, 02/29/2004 - 6:02pm. Other
"If a priest decided to create a line of clothing, would that make him a diviner?"
My dad and his puns. Oy!
Scent of a Woman
Submitted by Apple on Sun, 02/22/2004 - 7:20am. Other
"Your home smells like apples."
"Big shock when you think of who's place this is."
My sister and Mr Man discussing my choice of candles and Air Wick plug-ins.
Submitted by Apple on Sun, 02/22/2004 - 7:05am. Funny
"I really enjoyed the Self Gratification special they had."
"Um, that would be Instant Gratification."
"Same difference."
"Remind me to never watch tv at your house."
"Like she needs you there, apparently."
You-know-who-you-are and No-I-don't (and the last remark, me) discussing a recent Nick @ Nite marathon.
Bill Maher
Submitted by Apple on Sun, 02/22/2004 - 6:03am. Other
"With a title of Politically Incorrect, was anyone really surprised?"
My Dad discussing other people's opinions and their right to have opposing views.
Submitted by Apple on Sun, 02/22/2004 - 5:47am. Um...
"I don't accept your intolerance of my intolerance."
"Wow, you're like a PC Nazi."
Mr Man and I discussing opinions. And, yes, I'm perfectly entitled to post this entirely out of context. *grin*
I Love When They Get It!
Submitted by Apple on Wed, 01/21/2004 - 6:11am. Funny
"Dude, you got a Dell!"
-The "Popular Parcel Shipping Service" guy when I answered the door yesterday.
*sigh* I so love the random re-enactment of commercials.
Happens more than I care to admit...
Submitted by Apple on Tue, 01/13/2004 - 6:41am. Other
"You know, at times I identify with this song... well, not this one... OH, well, yeah, this one all the time."
"Only you could have an identity crisis with the radio."

Me and AppleMan at a local pizza buffet. First song was Green Christmas by Barenaked Ladies. Second song Unwell by Matchbox 20. So many choices on what to submit this under, I'll go with Other. *grin*
Cut In Half
Submitted by Apple on Wed, 12/10/2003 - 6:52pm. Um...
"She's only half a girl."
A teenage girl at CiCi's Pizza to her guy friend about some other friend who's only half a person. Perhaps the girl was an ex or something. Or maybe she was the victim of a really weird science experiment gone bad. *grin*