Lost 'n Found anyone?
Submitted by yeswehavenofries on Fri, 01/30/2004 - 3:13pm. Funny
"Yeah, she had just gotten home from tanning, and I looked at her and she had her coat around her knees or something, but I didn't think much of until she told me she forgot her pants..."
Submitted by yeswehavenofries on Sun, 01/18/2004 - 10:28am. Um...
"I love peanut butter, more things should be like peanut butter."

"Yeah...like beef butter."


Yeah...want a little beef butter on your bisket? =o
You gotta turn him on first...
Submitted by yeswehavenofries on Wed, 12/31/2003 - 3:15pm. Bizarre
1: Can I borrow your cell phone?
2: You mean Kyle?
1: You named your cell phone Kyle?
2: Don't you name YOUR electronics?


"Why is Kyle so sticky?"
"Oh, I just got done using him..."


"His thing won't pop up..."
"You gotta turn him on first."

Three cheers for sexual inuendo.
Just 'cause Arnold did....
Submitted by yeswehavenofries on Mon, 12/22/2003 - 4:16pm. Um...
"So, can men have babies?"

This one wouldn't have been so bad if it hadn't been coming from a 17 year old...Someone's parents got some 'splaining to do...