16 October 2004
Submitted by eve on Sat, 10/16/2004 - 4:39pm. Bizarre
"Apparently he had to talk her out of naming the baby Nintafiv."
"Is that... Norwegian?"
"No, Nintafiv -- like, "nine to five", I think. But then it was a boy, and he convinced her that would be too cruel."
"Isn't she actually Norwegian, though?"
--Two women talking outside Thai House
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Gah--some parents should be shot.
Posted by Saint on Sun, 11/14/2004 - 8:51pm.
Heard paged over the intercom today: Urban. Urban House.

Makes you wonder what the middle name is.
Posted by paul on Mon, 11/15/2004 - 4:47pm.
I work with a man named Federal Branch. He has a brother with a similar name- Judicial or something, I think.
My sister
Posted by Kris the Girl on Tue, 11/16/2004 - 9:02am.
my sister went to elementary school with a girl named Reagan Clinton. I don't recall her middle name, though.
Middle Name
Posted by Apple on Tue, 11/16/2004 - 12:18pm.
My guess would be Bush, cause that would be chronological. *G*
Posted by Kris the Girl on Wed, 11/17/2004 - 4:27pm.
I hope not, for her sake.

I think it was something normal, like "marie." At least, I think it sounds pretty: Reagan Marie Clinton. Maybe it was Bush.
Too Bad
Posted by Apple on Tue, 11/16/2004 - 6:05am.
They didn't have a sister, named Executive, of course. *G*
My guess
Posted by Jon on Mon, 11/15/2004 - 7:57am.
Inda. Urban Inda House. Boyee!

*sigh* I am so unhip.
"Day labor"?
Posted by Mike on Mon, 11/01/2004 - 11:56am.
Apparently the Norwegians are pretty weird.
Posted by S_Kat on Sun, 10/31/2004 - 10:19pm.
Once upon a time I knew a Fillmore Love in SoCal
My manager routinely gets e-m
Posted by Shade on Sat, 10/30/2004 - 8:23am.
My manager routinely gets e-mails from one of our outside managers name Victoria Secreti. And I went to school with a girl who had to fill out her tests Forni, Kate
Posted by Cebu on Fri, 10/29/2004 - 7:41am.
This is a surname ... my aunt told me about a guy with the last name of Nipple. That is so unfortunate.
Mr. Nipple. Geez.
Posted by steff on Mon, 10/25/2004 - 10:25am.
ok, where is apple? i mean, i see her there about a week ago, but i just had the most horrific dreams about her, so she'd better show up and say she's ok.

i mean it. *grin*
Dream thread - hint hint
Posted by Jon on Tue, 10/26/2004 - 5:28am.
Yeah, I'm gonna check the dream thread right now... :)
The Stuff of Dreams
Posted by Apple on Mon, 10/25/2004 - 10:35am.
I'm ok, despite your subconscious' efforts.

However, now you have to tell me what the dreams were. Obsessive mind wants to know.

Speaking of Mike's
Posted by Monk on Wed, 10/20/2004 - 2:03pm.
I also personally know a guy named Pete Moss

Not intimately
Posted by Monk on Tue, 10/19/2004 - 2:47pm.
I have personal knowledge of
Posted by Monk on Tue, 10/19/2004 - 12:16pm.
I have personal knowledge of a woman named "Anita Martini"

Posted by Kris the Girl on Tue, 10/19/2004 - 2:34pm.
But you do know her?
I knew a guy who knew a guy...
Posted by JLSeagull on Tue, 10/19/2004 - 10:21am.
Several of those stories about strange names have been circulating for a long time. It's not that your roommate's brother had twin friends who used to work with a guy who's married to a lady with granddaughters that were named something weird. It's that people like to personalize urban legends.
Odd names
Posted by Luce on Wed, 10/20/2004 - 5:11am.
My husband worked with a guy called Michael Hunt. And yes, people call him Mike. I couldn't believe it, since it has been a joke for so long. Also, a teacher at school was called Richard Edwards. I thought that was unfortunate, too.

Call me stupid
Posted by umrguy on Wed, 10/20/2004 - 7:39am.
...but I have no idea what the urban legend/dumbness part would be for either of those names...

-There's someone in my head, but it's not me.-
Just get in the gutter
Posted by Saint on Wed, 10/20/2004 - 9:36am.
Can't help you with Richard Edwards (probably a dick joke, though; we used to have a maintenence guy we called "Richard Noggin"--because it sounded better over the PA system than "dick head"), but come on...just say the name Mike Hunt out loud. Like Mike Hawk, only gender confused.
My mom's Headstart kids
Posted by Alice on Mon, 10/18/2004 - 5:05pm.
My mom used ot be a head start teacher, she had some pretty awesome names show up in her program:

Twin boys Roosevelt and Roosevelt- Spelled alike but pronounced differently: Rose-eh-velt and Ruse-eh-velt

And a little boy who refused to tell anyone his name until no one was around but my mom, when he finally said "Sunshine Siddharta, what's it to ya?" He was four and already knew his name was a free ticket to have his butt kicked. Sad.

At the place I volunteer, I had a kid whose middle name was Leather, a kid named Dowel (pronounced Doh-well fortunately) and a custodial family whose last name was Weaselhead.

I've heard the Orangejello and Lemonjello story before, but it's a set of brothers my roomate claimed to know back in california.
Posted by marinerd on Mon, 10/18/2004 - 3:44pm.
And of course the granddaddy of them all (or grandmamma): Ima Pigg. Before posting I decided to look her up and came up with this interesting page.
Posted by Matt on Sun, 10/17/2004 - 8:22pm.
Yeah. As if naming a girl Nintafiv isn't cruel. Then again, has anyone noticed how much more social latitude we give girls' names? Apple Paltrow notwithstanding.

Look, just stick with the basics. I recently heard (though it may be apocryphal) about a baby boy named Shithead. That's right: pronounced (shih-THEED).

People are stupid.
Posted by Saint on Tue, 10/19/2004 - 9:56am.
I think I've mentioned before (in one of the many other threads we've discussed dumb names in) that our bakery has written Happy Birthday Shithead (pronounced Shy-theed) on a cake before. Personally, I think the people might have just wanted "shithead" on a cake, and knew that Wal-Mart policies wouldn't allow us to write profanity on a cake, and so used the old urban legend as a dodge.
Posted by Apple on Mon, 10/18/2004 - 11:36am.
Apple is a grand name for a girl!


Just sayin'. *G*
It was a girl
Posted by Kris the Girl on Sun, 10/17/2004 - 9:29pm.
A patient at my mom's place of business is named Shithead, pronounced "shith-AY-ed." My mom said if she hadn't read it herself, she'd never have believed it.

There were some twins at a high school in Oklahoma City whose names were pronounced "or-AHN-jeh-lo" and "leh-MON-jeh-lo." and the spelling? Orangejello and Lemonjello, resectively. At least, that's the legend 'round these parts.
A guy I worked with
Posted by paul on Mon, 10/18/2004 - 5:15am.
was married to a girl who was a nurse. She had a patient who had a granddaughter whose name was pronounced Ah-SHOW-lee. His wife looked it up on the list where they signed in. Her name was spelled "Asshole".

Not a joke.
Not a joke either
Posted by AFSP on Mon, 10/18/2004 - 1:26pm.
My aunt swears she knew someone who called their baby girl Urine, pronounced eu-RE-ne.

And my mum claims to have known a Justin Thyme.
Legal documents
Posted by steff on Mon, 10/18/2004 - 9:41pm.
i went to high school with a justin case.

where i used to work keeping track of public records, we had a HUGE folder full of all the odd ones - all real, since they were real estate records, death certificates and the like. some people must not like their kids much.
Me too
Posted by Kris the Girl on Tue, 10/19/2004 - 10:53am.
Well, college, actually. My friend Justin's middle name is Kase.
Posted by daen on Sun, 10/17/2004 - 8:27pm.
I believe that came up in the last stupid names thread, but at the moment I can't be arsed to look it up.

And insofar as I know, it is apocryphal.
Wait a minute
Posted by hypoxic on Sun, 10/17/2004 - 6:29pm.
Don't the Scandinavians have a history about choosing funny names for their children. I seem to remember a person that wanted to name their child a sting of characters. I think the government ruled against them though.

Found it. But the parents were Swedish.
Not without a reason
Posted by peegee on Mon, 10/18/2004 - 6:16am.
Hmm, Scandinavians with a history of weirdness ? Probably, no almost cetainly, but there is a sound reason.
Posted by brian65401 on Sun, 10/17/2004 - 6:16pm.
My first chance at FP. But I wouldn't do that if I didn't have anything to say, so I won't.

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