25 January 2006
Submitted by eve on Wed, 01/25/2006 - 10:53pm. Funny
"Hey, sorry that took so long. I guess she's fighting with Marie again and needed someone to talk to and... yeah."
"It's ok, I killed time by waiting for the bathroom."
"Oh, good. I was worried you'd be mad that I ditched you."
"I was about to say, it's not your fault, you need a device that detects if a phone call is going to be an hourlong dramafest. But... you do have caller ID."
--Two girls in the crowd at the Harvey Danger show at the Crocodile Cafe

(Editorial disclaimer -- this one was actually from a few months back, I found it written on a napkin in my bag yesterday. I wish there'd been a HD show more recently. But if I dated it back this summer, it wouldn't show up on the front page, and then most people would never see it.)

(Also, you should check out Harvey Danger's latest album, which they're offering as a free download. You should check it out because it's free, and because it's pretty brave of an established band to try that -- but bands don't make money on albums, labels make money on albums (and then they sue the fans who have mp3s.) You should also check it out because they are rad, and their lyrics are smart and their melodies pretty. If you turned on a radio in 1998, you know Harvey Danger, but they've got more depth than just a one hit wonder. Case in point how good they are? I flew to Seattle just for their concert.)
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