Lights ... Action ... Cameras !
Submitted by Daniel Lehan on Fri, 07/15/2005 - 5:01am. Other
I am standing on a ladder reaching up into the branches of a tree, installing my work Silver Hands for the show What’s That in the Woods ? In a nearby car park, a young man stands by a car, shouting at the driver. He slams his coat down on the car bonnet as the driver gets out. They square up, throw several brief punches and stop fighting. After a few seconds, the driver returns to the car. The young man once again stands by the car, shouts at the driver and slams his coat on the car bonnet. Again, the driver gets out of the car, they both square up, throw several punches, then stop fighting.

Then, and only then, does a sound boom come into view, and a number of others, who are variously, a cameraman, a sound recordist, the director and a group of other actors, applaud.

23rd June 2004

Millfield Arts Centre, Edmonton, London N17
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