14 June 2005
Submitted by eve on Tue, 06/14/2005 - 9:10am. News

Hey guys. So In Passing continues to be infrequently updated, but still alive and kicking. I don't think I update enough to keep the tip jar out without feeling a little guilty, though, so the PayPal link is coming down. Many thanks to all of you who donated in the past, you helped pay for hosting when I couldn't, and you kept the site alive. Thank you.

But I think at this point, I don't want to ask anything of my readers, because you guys have been great about not asking too much of me -- very understanding when, say, I'm on the road for work for a month and don't have time to update. So I've added what I hope is an unobtrustive way of paying for the site -- Google text ads. Other bloggers I know have had good luck with making enough money from them to cover hosting while not annoying their readers too much.

So, I'm giving it a try. Next time you're thinking, "Man, I love that In Passing. The site hasn't been updated in a month, but those archives, they're great! I wish I could give Eve a nickel." ...just step away from Pay Pal and head right over to one of the comments pages, where there should be a text ad or two. Click it (if you're interested in whatever they're advertising) and the nickel or so is mine. Thanks!

Plus, there's the added amusement that a computer script is now reading In Passing and trying to find ads which are relevant. I see a subtle joke or two on the front page due to that.

Thanks everybody. Let me know what you think.

update: The slashes have been fixed.

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