Happy frickin' Holidays
Submitted by Saint on Mon, 11/22/2004 - 8:31pm. Funny
"I don't think you should call the customers 'ass-nuggets' anymore, Rob."
--a man talking on his cell-phone while he walked around Wal-Mart. Cortez, CO.

"Grr. Animals, they're just frickin' animals. Not clean animals like cats, not friendly animals like dogs, no, some kind of nasty herd beast like...goats or, or yaks. Frickin' animals."
--an employee muttering angrily, not quite under her breath, while gathering up a number of items that didn't belong in her area, at City Market. Cortez, CO.

Oh, yeah: Since I have to listen to Christmas music every day already, I thought I might as well spread some early Christmas cheer myself. Work-safe, but a bit noisy.
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