Life of a Street Sweeper
Submitted by Larry Hosken on Mon, 01/16/2006 - 5:04pm. Scenes



"What, shit?"

"Human shit."

"Human!? Is that what for you're not sweeping it up?"
Two street sweepers, Eighth Avenue, Manhattan New York City
Parallel Universe
Submitted by Larry Hosken on Thu, 09/22/2005 - 9:49pm. Beautiful

"Mister Cheney. You need to understand that you are harming me and blackmailing me because you need me to talk to you twenty-four hours a day. Did you know that blackmail is a federal felony?"

--Lady waiting for the streetcar, San Francisco

And for a while I pretended I was in another universe, a universe in which Dick Cheney was just some crazy lady's imaginary friend.

Submitted by Larry Hosken on Sun, 02/27/2005 - 1:16pm. Beautiful

"'s gone. So, OK, she has lost her wedding ring..."

"...husband's really..."

"...Yeah, in the ocean, so..."

"...That's the thing. This SCUBA diver saw the notice and..."

--snippets of what a clerk said to another clerk behind the counter of Canvas Cafe, San Francisco
I'm kind of sorry that I didn't hear the whole story. Because it sounds like it was a good story.
R Brief Nudity
Submitted by Larry Hosken on Wed, 02/09/2005 - 12:09am. Bizarre
What do you think of my girlfriend's titty?
Hey you!
What do you think of...
You, you in the pea green coat!
What do you think..."

--Man failing to engage the interest of the N Judah streetcar in an old-fashioned Mardi Gras flash

The late night streetcar lacked enthusiasm; I was no better. It wasn't until I exited that I realized that I had a bead necklace that I should have thrown. A party favor from work, it just missed its true calling.

The hills are alive
Submitted by Larry Hosken on Sat, 12/11/2004 - 7:47pm. Beautiful
"That would have been much easier without that beer."
--unsteady mountain biker, Mt Victoria lookout point, Wellington NZ
Best Left-My-Purse Story
Submitted by Larry Hosken on Thu, 04/22/2004 - 8:44am. Funny
" left-my-purse story. I was in the middle of the airport--in Japan! And we're... don't have my purse. And we've already pulled away from the, the, the plane is already moving. And so I'm now... the man in the truck sees me jumping out of the plane, an he... and I'm running down the tarmac, and the truck is..."

--Lady on a San Francisco streetcar regaling her friend
I wish I'd been able to hear the whole story; those fragments were pretty interesting.
Mar 25, 2004
Submitted by Larry Hosken on Thu, 03/25/2004 - 9:16pm. Tragic
"Actually, it's 'Jennica'."


"Like, if you take part of 'Jennifer' and part of 'Jessica,' it's 'Jennica'"

--Two ladies.
I sure hope the first one wasn't explaining the name of a newborn daughter. Like Jennicam without the 'm'?
Jargon pump stuck in 'on' position
Submitted by Larry Hosken on Thu, 01/15/2004 - 4:56pm. Um...
"I was thinking of going to Ikea."

"Going to get your metrosexual on?"

"Uh, yeah."
Two patrons of a Haight Street (San Francisco) cafe.
That's not healthy
Submitted by Larry Hosken on Sat, 12/20/2003 - 6:28am. Bizarre
"I lost twenty pounds today."

"You did not--how did you do that?"

"It's because I'm hungry for a wife."

--two patrons at Zona Rosa taqueria on San Francisco's Haight Street.
Submitted by Larry Hosken on Thu, 12/04/2003 - 9:38pm. Tragic
I haven't overheard anything interesting lately, but Jamie Zawinski did.