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Submitted by Saint on Wed, 07/28/2004 - 10:39pm. Other
"Can I have my soul back now?"

--my manager, on finding out she'll probably be fired. (For the record, it's bull; she's being fired for sexual harassment, specifically for 'a detailed discussion of anal sex which made two employees uncomfortable'. I happened to be there for the incident in question, and here's what it was: my manager mentioned she was partying with a local band, in particular the lead singer. One of the allegedly uncomfortable employees said, "Ewww. He's into anal sex!" My manager shrugged and replied, "So am I." And that was it. The 'detailed discussion of anal sex', all of it, right there. Plus, it happened about 9 months ago, so...WTF? I'm going to miss my manager, if they push this through. She was about the only cool one in the whole store.)

Update: My boss quit. I'm somewhat in mourning, and probably will really start hating it when I have to train a new boss, but she's much happier. Says it's just like getting out of a bad relationship. So I'm happy for her, anyway. And since she's tending bar at the Brewery, it's not like I never get to see her.
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Posted by Saint on Thu, 07/29/2004 - 9:23am.
The fundie store manager has wanted my manager gone ever since Mardi Gras, when she flashed her tits at a bar. He wanted to fire her the second he heard about it, but was advised that wouldn't be a good idea. Since then, they've investigated her for gossip (discussing the performance of employees she rarely sees with employees who work with them more, to find out how they're shaking out), as well as sexual harassment for trying on a novelty apron (which one of the other employees brought in) that had a dildo built into it.

Keep in mind, this is the same company that wrote me up for sexual harassment because other employees felt uncomfortable when I kissed my wife at work, so their definition is fairly broad. Plus, the employees claiming to feel oppressed by it all are...I'm not sure how to put it. Problem children? Professionally unhappy? They always bitch about everything, and if there's nothing to bitch over, they make something up. For instance, one of them characterized my boss's scheduled day off as "a no-call, no-show, nobody knows where she's at!" when another manager stopped by to talk to her. This after my boss worked more than two months straight with no days off.

Okay, I think I can stop ranting now. For the moment.
Closure, dammit!
Posted by Mike on Mon, 10/11/2004 - 7:58am.
So what happened? I'm hoping that they backed off once they realized that their crazy policies just might be the driving force behind their current everybody's-suing-us legal and PR woes.
Posted by Saint on Mon, 10/11/2004 - 9:28am.
See the "update section" of the main topic.

We still have no manager, our lead (the manager's second in command) isn't leading, our bakers have decided that baked-on grease is just like teflon and no longer want any of their dishes washed ever, the repair bill arrived for the rackwasher (that still isn't fixed yet even though it's been three months) so we're now in the red for the foreseeable future, and although I tried to transfer out of the friggin circus I didn't get the job.

And today I have to take a CBL (Computer-Based Learning) module about tolerance and diversity. Our brand-new Diversity department is headed up by a straight, Christian, white woman from the South (probably Arkansas), which I think pretty well shows the kind of diversity Wal-Mart is looking for.
Posted by Apple on Thu, 07/29/2004 - 12:25am.
Somebody needs to turn their sensitivity meter down a tad bit. That only deserved maybe an odd look or some wise crack about the possible side effects of taking up the rear or both. I mean, it's not like she told the employees to bend over or anything.

People can be so anal.
Posted by peegee on Thu, 07/29/2004 - 12:45am.
People can be so anal.

Great, now you'll be fired too. *g*
Posted by Apple on Thu, 07/29/2004 - 10:30am.
See? Anal.

And I'll only accept being fired if it's done in a Donald Trump-like way.

Posted by meera on Wed, 07/28/2004 - 11:03pm.
Oh shoot me! People need to be a lot less psychotic. How in the hell is that sexual harassment?
Posted by tim on Thu, 07/29/2004 - 6:37am.
she's an assh**e and felt threatened.
: D
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