23 December 2003
Submitted by eve on Tue, 12/23/2003 - 5:49pm. Bizarre
"And I was like, 'Darla, do you have any idea how easily the CTO of this company could be replaced by an infant? And no one would know.' *pause* ...I think she was just mad she hadn't thought of it first."
--A man talking on a cell phone at SFO
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Posted by Jon on Fri, 12/26/2003 - 5:51am.
Can't make BTVS comment... clowns will eat me...
Hey Cube! Isn't this your area?...
Posted by paul on Fri, 12/26/2003 - 3:00am.
I saw this and thought, "How much more of a walking stereotype can these guys be?!?"
Posted by Kris the Girl on Sat, 12/27/2003 - 7:38pm.
Why would they be expelled for this?
Posted by paul on Sun, 12/28/2003 - 4:14pm.
Probably for being sadistic drunken bastards who beat an animal to death. The skinning and eating part is just gross.

Then again, I've known guys who would have readily done the same...
Posted by Kris the Girl on Mon, 12/29/2003 - 2:28pm.
Really, why should they be expelled? Punished, certainly--there are some hefty charges for animal cruelty...this just seems beyond expulsion to me. Or, the punishment doesn't fit the crime. Maybe if the racoon was the school mascot or something...
Posted by marinerd on Wed, 12/24/2003 - 3:40pm.
To all a happy christmas, solstice, new years, etc. Be safe and enjoy yourselves.

Let's all meet back here in a couple weeks, okay? See you then.
We wish you....
Posted by stitch_groover on Tue, 12/23/2003 - 10:08pm.
Off topic, I know, but I'd like to wish everyone a happy Christmas and a happy and safe New Year :-D
Posted by paul on Tue, 12/23/2003 - 10:32pm.
...a happy holiday to one and all. And try not to send out anything like these.
Got friends?
Posted by Chula420 on Tue, 12/23/2003 - 10:06pm.
"my roommates came and took the turtles away and now i have no one to talk to!"
-a girl talking to a friend at a restaurant.
Posted by Matt on Tue, 12/23/2003 - 9:52pm.
CTO? Chief Technology Officer? Having people been BSing their way into that post for 20 years now?

Jesus, my boss thinks I'm one step short of computer god because I can always solve whatever mundane Windows problem he's having.
Posted by Yuri on Tue, 12/23/2003 - 10:51pm.
Or maybe it's just your.. nevermind.

Everyone at my roommate's company could apparently be replaced by infants, as no one there seems to do any actual work. The chief programmer was working at another full-time job for six months before he actually quit. The boss is regularly off in Europe, doing god knows what. My roommate only shows up to work on Tuesdays for the staff meeting, and today he didn't feel like it, so he called in sick.

Now that's the kind of job I want.
Posted by hypoxic on Wed, 12/24/2003 - 8:53am.
how long before this company implodes?

Anyhow off on vacation, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Posted by Yuri on Wed, 12/24/2003 - 5:33pm.
We're guessing six months, tops. The betting pool opens Jan. 1.
Posted by hypoxic on Tue, 12/23/2003 - 6:11pm.
sounds like the go go 90's are back again, with the bad business plans and underqualified people.

I want to be an internet millionaire!
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