11 December 2003
Submitted by eve on Thu, 12/11/2003 - 9:41pm. Funny
"Your bag is oversized. Our limit is fifty pounds."
"I can't really get rid of any of it now. Can I pay a fine?"
"We prefer not to refer to it as a fine, per se..."
"A convenience fee, then? That sounds better than a bribe."
--A woman and a ticket agent at SFO
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Daaaat's right!
Posted by Intelligirly on Thu, 12/18/2003 - 3:00pm.
Thanks to all of you who birthday wished me. I did not eat cake, because it is not a food I enjoy. Instead I ate a whole lot of cheese fries, a great big hotdog, more cheese fries, eggs and bacon and mozzarella sticks. Not at the same time. I also got a white rose arrangement delivery (my favorite flower), the collecible original Giles figurine, the first season of Buffy on DVD, cool retro printed plates ad candles and a dandy candle lantern. And I got to go bowling (where much of the greasy food happened) and beat my sister every. single. time. which was of course, quite fun. Oh, and watch a guy who passed out drunk at the bowling alley. While BOWLING.

Twas neat. Good times. I love my birthday!

Over the Rhine is in a Jon Favreau film!
Heh. heheheheheh.
Posted by Intelligirly on Tue, 12/16/2003 - 11:40am.
So....guess what day it is?


Over the Rhine is in a Jon Favreau film!
Happy belated
Posted by Jon on Thu, 12/18/2003 - 6:38am.
Happy belated eat a lot of cake day! I have to wait 3 weeks until mine. :)
Just guessing
Posted by peegee on Tue, 12/16/2003 - 11:56am.
Other than tuesday ? Hmm, seeing as 'steff's annual get whipped for free'-day is rather unlikely, maybe your birthday ?
Posted by steff on Wed, 12/17/2003 - 3:46pm.
hey, right in one, jon! i took her bowling. bowling. i mean... yeah, it was her birthday.

A late happy birthday from me
Posted by peegee on Thu, 12/18/2003 - 2:02pm.
A late happy birthday from me too. And given the way my birthdays turn out on the average, I'd love to be taken bowling. That's it, I'm envious and I have to wait almost a year to, maybe, see it rectified.

And what is it with the 'jon', Oh, snertworthy one ?
Posted by tim on Thu, 12/18/2003 - 5:43am.
Sport of Kings
: D
--" The torture never stops"--
Erm I hate to ask this but...
Posted by hypoxic on Mon, 12/15/2003 - 3:12pm.
Yoda how do I logon to OCF without using telnet? I'm running Win2k. Any help would be appreciated.

Never mind I found a free ssh client here.
Webssh is also useful, especi
Posted by yoda on Tue, 12/16/2003 - 9:47am.
webssh is also useful, especially when not at your own computer. all it needs is java. i actually use it at home too, because for some reason, my router drops my regular ssh connection after being idle for 5+ minutes. gets annoying.
What I find interesting...
Posted by ParU on Tue, 12/16/2003 - 11:05am.
Is that when Christmas break hits, no one's on IP...

Also that hypo and yoda, two Cal grads, still sneak in electronically into Cal's computers (the OCF), cause they're free.
Am I right?
Posted by hypoxic on Tue, 12/16/2003 - 2:19pm.
I like having my Cal Email addy. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
I'm still here!
Posted by umrguy on Tue, 12/16/2003 - 11:39am.
...For now, anyway, through Friday or Saturday... and unlike every year previous, I'm actually going to take my new box home (hmm, anybody got any suggestions for securing a flatscreen monitor without damaging it in a Toyota Corolla? I brought it here in the box, but took the box back home on my next trip) so I can theoretically do proper work on my research over break (at least, I can use my own computer, with my stuff on it, and not have to worry about availability).

And I need to find a new Xwin program to use on my machine... I used to somehow have a regular version of Xwin32 on my old machine, but now all I can get is one whose license expires after a month... and I hate telnetting in (especially when one of the projects I'm supposed to be working on requires visualization). Anybody know of a good xwin that'll work with WinXP, or any ability of XP itself to do xwin?

-There's someone in my head, but it's not me.-
You might be gone, so this mi
Posted by DoughPoet on Sun, 12/21/2003 - 3:10pm.
You might be gone, so this might be pointless.

We have sucessfully moved various computer parts by strapping towers into seatbelts...but are you taking a duvet home with you? You might try parcelling up your flatscreen in that. Or get a suitable box from your grocery store and pack it with something squishy, like cushions or pillows?

I've moved house a lot....packing is a speciality :)

~Probability is the desparate attempt of chaos to become stable.~
It turns out
Posted by umrguy on Mon, 12/22/2003 - 10:27pm.
that seat belts work just fine (although I threw a blanket over it). Put it in the back with the screen facing the back seat, blanket over it (folded a few times), and buckled it in. Buckled in my CPU also (this is not something particularly new to me, I buckled in a number of computer components when I moved in in the fall, I just had the monitor box that time).

-There's someone in my head, but it's not me.-
There's always...
Posted by Jon on Tue, 12/16/2003 - 1:47pm.
...bubble wrap. I'm not just saying that. Bubble wrap is what enabled my succeesful completion of the "egg drop" science project in High School.
Besides, you can pop the bubbles if you get bored. Bonus!
Cygwin ?
Posted by peegee on Tue, 12/16/2003 - 11:52am.
I don't know how exactly you use Xwin32, but maybe cygwin can do the job for you. It comes with a GPL license(i.e. like GNU/Linux), so it's free.
No, Xwin provides an x-termin
Posted by umrguy on Tue, 12/16/2003 - 6:19pm.
No, Xwin provides an x-terminal window and sessions you can use to log into other machines. So instead of just telnetting into the Dell Linux boxes or the Solaris(?) Blade boxes, I can get an x-term window, which allows me to run the stuff from there. Very useful, as I don't have to hike up to the lab all the time to do work.

-There's someone in my head, but it's not me.-
Posted by peegee on Wed, 12/17/2003 - 4:05am.
Ok, this is slightly technical, so non-geeks please skip.

This is pretty much what cygwin allows you to do. You can start up an X-server on your windows machine, open a terminal window, still locally, and then ssh into your (remote) unix machine with X-forwarding turned on (i.e. 'ssh -X your.unix.machine.edu'. If the ssh-daemons on the targetted Linux/Solaris boxes have X-tunneling enabled, this should work, i.e. the processes run on the remote machines, but get displayed on your local windows machine. Hope that helps, otherwise I'm out of ideas, but you might google for 'windows X forwarding'.
Additional info
Posted by peegee on Wed, 12/17/2003 - 8:25am.
Just a small addition: tested it at home (cygwin + puttyssh) and it seems to work. Also I found this guide.
As a non-technical person
Posted by Jon on Wed, 12/17/2003 - 6:42am.
Ssh has always struck me as an amusing letter sequence as a command...
Ssh, we're trying to sleep here!

Yes, I am easily amused.
Not entirely...
Posted by marinerd on Tue, 12/16/2003 - 11:24am.
Those of us who work for a living are still here. If any of our students happen to check in, have a Merry Happy Winter Generic Holiday Season!!
For this reason
Posted by daen on Tue, 12/16/2003 - 3:45pm.
...was the phrase "Season's Greetings!" coined.

It's shorter, although not nearly as much fun to say.
Posted by Inuki on Tue, 12/16/2003 - 7:25pm.
I've always been fond of "Happy [insert winter holiday of choice here]", for the insanely politically correct. Plus it makes funny greeting cards.
Posted by paul on Tue, 12/16/2003 - 12:47pm.
As for the rest of us- Festivus!
Cool pt
Posted by ParU on Tue, 12/16/2003 - 9:03pm.
to the new graduate for a great Seinfeld reference!
Carry on...
Posted by ParU on Sat, 12/13/2003 - 12:07pm.
The airlines allow 'carry ons' cause their 'busy' business customers demand them. But I strongly agree that those huge 'carry ons' are ridiculous. If they'd reduce the size to a small duffle bag and make every one else check everything (thus a briefcase and/or a purse is 'it'), they could load faster and make everyone much happier.
Everywhere I've been on a plane
Posted by dave on Sun, 12/14/2003 - 1:51pm.
There's a little steel bag size indicator that limits the size of what you can carry on. And there's a 5kg limit to it as well. If they see you struggling to lift your carry on, they'll check.

"Million to one chances happen nine times out of ten">
What I absolutely hate about
Posted by Obsidiana on Fri, 12/12/2003 - 1:41pm.
What I absolutely hate about traveling and carrying around heavy bags is that I always end up with burst blood vessels in my shoulders. This has happened a lot in the past few years, with both my bookbag and my duffel bag. I suppose part of the problem is that on these occasions I've been wearing sleeveless tops, but still...It's really annoying to have all those little red spots on my shoulders, in two stripes approximately the size of my bookbag straps.
I don't
Posted by hypoxic on Fri, 12/12/2003 - 8:51am.
really get why they lowered the amount of allowable weight? Is it so they have more cargo space or fuel economy? I thought they wanted more travelers yet they keep adding rules to make it more difficult.

Squitters! those darned airlines.
Actually there have been a se
Posted by PStupak on Fri, 12/12/2003 - 4:00pm.
actually there have been a series of airplane crashes attributable to the planes being over weight at take off. thus the new restrictions. personally i suggest they kick the weight limit back up to 75 and forbid "carry on" luggage, aka "my suitcase is my personal item" and "i don't mind taking up all the overhead space for my 'personal item' so others cannot store their coat despite them having checked in their 'personal item' because it's really luggage." not that i feel strongly about these people. and children. children under two should be banned from planes or checked in.*

*i use to love kids - then i moved to the east coast and spent 30,000 miles in the skies (this year!) dealing with children. why don't the airlines move the bathroom from the back to midplane, then the section behind the bathroom could be a sealed off "family section" and i wouldn't have to listen to that kid for six hours at a time.

end rant here.**

**it's also law school finals time so please ignore any aspect of this post you don't like and chalk it up to undo levels of stress coupled with the impending flight home. sigh.
My wife was bringing a whole
Posted by dave on Fri, 12/12/2003 - 3:11am.
My wife was bringing a whole lot of teaching resources with her back to Singapore some time ago and had texts in her carry-on luggage. They stopped her for being over the 5kg limit and so they made her dump some. Luckily her parents hadn't left the airport as her other luggage had already been loaded on the plane!

"Million to one chances happen nine times out of ten">
70 lbs? hah!
Posted by Dragonfly on Fri, 12/12/2003 - 2:59am.
I went over by 6 pounds once, took out my laptop and it went down to 72, and the lady just let me go. She said the fin-(ahem) fee would have been 400 dollars if i hadn't done something. I looked at her blankly, said "ok" and then just figured it was my laptop. I carried my little bookbag plus my damn laptop (bless its soul, its no longer with us-I loved her so)and a huge Stich (from lilo and stich)..I looked like a bag lady. Not to mention the backache the next day....I have a a year old's back at the age of 20. Wonderful.

Karma Police
I have nothing to say about airlines...
Posted by umrguy on Fri, 12/12/2003 - 12:16am.
...other than that flying into Reagan National in D.C. can be very hair-raising if you're unprepared, as it tends to look like you barely cleared the perimeter fence on your way in.

So, a Friday song...

Mm ba ba de
Um bum ba de
Um bu bu bum da de
Pressure pushing down on me
Pressing down on you no man ask for
Under pressure - that burns a building down
Splits a family in two
Puts people on streets
Um ba ba be
Um ba ba be
De day da
Ee day da - that's o.k.
It's the terror of knowing
What the world is about
Watching some good friends
Screaming 'Let me out'
Pray tomorrow - gets me higher
Pressure on people - people on streets
Day day de mm hm
Da da da ba ba
Chippin' around - kick my brains around the floor
These are the days it never rains but it pours
Ee do ba be
Ee da ba ba ba
Um bo bo
Be lap
People on streets - ee da de da de
People on streets - ee da de da de da de da
It's the terror of knowing
What this world is about
Watching some good friends
Screaming 'Let me out'
Pray tomorrow - gets me higher high high
Pressure on people - people on streets
Turned away from it all like a blind man
Sat on a fence but it don't work
Keep coming up with love
but it's so slashed and torn
Why - why - why ?
Love love love love love
Insanity laughs under pressure we're cracking
Can't we give ourselves one more chance
Why can't we give love that one more chance
Why can't we give love give love give love give love
give love give love give love give love give love
'Cause love's such an old fashioned word
And love dares you to care for
The people on the edge of the night
And loves dares you to change our way of
Caring about ourselves
This is our last dance
This is our last dance
This is ourselves
Under pressure
Under pressure

-There's someone in my head, but it's not me.-
A trick I learned...
Posted by ParU on Thu, 12/11/2003 - 10:31pm.
Not sure if it'll still work, but a friend told me about this trick. You need at least two people to make it work. It's a way to check more than 2 bags and not pay extra.

Person A goes to the 'curbside check-in' (not sure if they still exist these days) and checks four bags using his and Person B's tickets. Meanwhile Person B is out of sight with the other 4 bags. Then you rip the luggage tags out of the ticket folder, put them in your pocket and Person A and B get in the ticket line and check 2 bags each.

Ta dah!
Posted by Mike on Fri, 12/12/2003 - 11:40am.
But if the baggage guys get even the tiniest bit confused, wouldn't that shut down the whole airport for hours. Bomb-sniffing dogs, evacuations and all that?

Heh. Feel free to try it though. What could possibly go wrong?
Yeah ...
Posted by ParU on Fri, 12/12/2003 - 12:28pm.
I know Mike - this trick probably wouldn't be such a good idea these days...

And Ya gotta watch out for those time zone things too, nowadays. I saw that my daughter had posted this and thought I'd call her, but she was on the East Coast and it was 1:30 AM when I called. Nice of her not to yell at me though.
Posted by paul on Fri, 12/12/2003 - 1:06pm.
Better be careful or she might send this chick over to give you her holiday greetings...
Posted by Matt on Thu, 12/11/2003 - 10:01pm.
I love it when people just lay it down all honest-like.

When my bag was over 50 pounds on Alaska, the agent handed me a carboard box and I just dumped 20 pounds of stuff into it, she taped it up and tagged it, and away I went!

I'm glad I don't hate flying. It would ruin every Christmas for the past five years.
What sort of things did you h
Posted by Yuri on Fri, 12/12/2003 - 1:30am.
What sort of things did you have in your bag that caused it to weigh seventy pounds, Matt?
Posted by Matt on Fri, 12/12/2003 - 11:02am.
Well, it was a big bag and I was returning from a Christmas trip. One of the gifts I got was the Beatles Anthology book, which by itself is about 10 pounds. I don't remember what else.

As soon as I got into Oakland Airport I dumped out the box and put the stuff back in my bag for the trip home anyway.

Good to see you back, Yuri.
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