Posted by Anne Onymous on Wed, 01/17/2001 - 6:31pm.
Archived comment by Josiah Carlson:
I knew someone who would fit the description of "Starbucks cowboy".

They are of the same genus and species as an "Urban Cowboy" (all of whom are human/homo sapien in genetic origin, if not intellectual capability). They are such that even though they grew up in (sub)urban America, they feel the need to associate themselves with the 'redneck' subgroup of 'homo sapien'.

It is truly unknown what causes men to occasionally behave as such, but it is believed that the female 'homo sapiens', prefer their man to be 'butch', of nearly alpha-male quality (minus the stupidity and stubborness), and the men percieve wearing a hat, boots, and speaking in a southern drawl to be as such.
This is false on the most part, the majority of women (who this male 'homo sapien' has known) merely laugh at such men.

However there are women that are rumored to be considered "Urban Cowgirls" or "Starbucks Cowgirls" that finds such a man attractive, but such a woman has been a rare find, thought to be because women are supposed to have fashion sense. But as 50% of my spanish teachers/professors have proven, you can't count on intelligent people being able to dress themselves. It is of the conclusion of this researcher that such "Urban Cowgirl" could exist, but has not been seen in recent record.
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