Posted by Saint on Mon, 03/27/2006 - 9:26am.
When he graduates and finds he can't get a job anywhere else, he won't be so keen to spend all his time there. I do wish he'd stuck around until formally asked to leave. After all, he paid for everything he got, right? And he wasn't harassing anybody. That makes him a good customer, to me. Of course, once his debit card was frozen, that would make living there hard; I wish the article mentioned why it was frozen, as I don't think Wal-Mart can do that. [edit: My brother explained to me that Wal-Mart stops accepting checks (and presumably also debit cards) from a particular account if too many are submitted in a short timespan; helps deter fraud, I suppose.] Oh, well. Thanks for sharing, steff. :)

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