Harvey Danger
Posted by marinerd on Fri, 01/27/2006 - 12:18pm.
I'm so happy that HD is from Seattle. The lead singer, Sean Nelson, is an extremely funny person. There is a local radio station that had until very recently a great morning show, with lots of local music and other good stuff. Now and then, they would have Sean come in, and he easily could have had a career as a DJ, or a comedian. I downloaded the album just because he was such a kick, and it's really good--nice melodies and good lyrics.

Proof that entropy conquers all, the radio station recently fired the morning DJs to put Adam \F*ckin' Corolla's syndicated show on. Jeez. I can't bear it. Well, I can listed to MP3s in the morning...

Down with the soulless minions of orthodoxy!
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