Posted by umrguy on Sat, 01/21/2006 - 8:19pm.
The problem is, actually, problems are, that first of all, the equipment isn't really good enough to run XP. Yes, you CAN run XP on a P2 500MHz with 256MB RAM and a 10GB harddrive (as my POS office machine proves), but it's really not doctor-recommended.

Besides, that thing's so messed up, I don't particularly want to mess with it. And anyway, as soon as I get the time to take some of the stuff off my old Win98 machine (*cough* porn *cough* mp3s *cough*), I've already said I'll let my little brothers use that instead of our old converted Win95 box... (although I intend to look into moving the harddrive from the 95 box into the 98 machine, so we don't lose anything) - especially since they're already using my old monitor (and keyboard?).

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