You get what you pay for
Posted by Saint on Fri, 01/20/2006 - 9:15pm.
I bought my ex an HP from Wal-Mart last year, because her surfing habits--and long list of friends and family that would send any fwd forward--brought home a lot of spyware and a couple viruses that I really didn't want on my machine. Hers had XP on it, not ME, and it's still (so far as I know) running fine, and sufficient to her needs (Unlike my custom-ordered Dell, it didn't crash 6 times in as many months). If you don't need anything heavy-duty, they're fine. My parents have a computer that, since they've retired, is used only once a year, to type up the Christmas letter; and when she uses it, my mom never fails to mention how much she preferred her very first word processor. Er...I think I had a point...oh! yes! My point is, while the Wal-Mart HP special is certainly a joke for any computer geek or even big gaming geek, for most people who just surf the web, email their friends, or type Christmas letters, it's a better deal than paying $1500+ to have something that mostly sits on the desk looking pretty. YMMV.

(And why haven't you been kind enough to switch your parents over to XP, if ME is the problem? What kind of cruel son are you? ;D)

--I am powerless over my addiction to parenthesis.--
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