Could have been worse.
Posted by paul on Wed, 01/18/2006 - 5:29pm.
I used to work for a guy who was almost an identical twin to Bill Lumberg ("Office Space"). His hair was blond and he had a mustache and his voice was slightly higher, but other than that...

The guy had an MBA. He thoroughly reinforced my opinion of MBAs, that having one automatically turns off the common sense lobe in your brain. He was extremely fond of using the word "robust" in meetings, along with things like "value-added".

I had to stop myself from asking about TPS reports at least once a day.

One of my favorite ads was for text messaging, where this bunch of people were in a conference room listening to some consultant ranting all kinds of bullshit while they sat texting each other with messages like, "Can you believe this bozo?" During the rant the guy said they had to find a new "para-diggum", then pointed at one guy and shouted his name. When the guy jumped, the consultant softly said, "Move away from the box."

Sometimes ads imitate life a little too closely.
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