Pimpity, pimpity, pimp
Posted by steff on Wed, 01/11/2006 - 6:34am.
so. while you're all here ogling this shiny new comment... i'm going to hijack the thread for my own evil porpoises and promote a couple of livejournal communities.

in the international story a day group, or isadg - there's some backstory that i won't bore you with, but what it boils down to is that someone (me, until logan regains internet access) posts a random title, and everyone else (again, at this point, just me) writes a short story with said title. no pressure, no expectations of greatness as it's a top-of-the-head type of thing, just encouraging people to get some words out on a regular basis. i would just very much like to read someone's stories other than my own.

if you don't want to write, feedback is also always welcome to any of us, even on the older stories. if you don't want to write more than once a week, or even more than once at all, stop by anyhow and choose a title. it'll be good for you. i was (and still am, really) having a blast doing this, but it's more fun when you get to see the different ideas for the same title.

please. i am begging you, people. and, oh, did i mention "begging"?

the second community is the bachelor's cookbook, moderated by our very own umrguy, and is for recipes, tips, and menus for 1-2 people of dubious cooking skills/motivation. those of you who don't cook for an army and can't afford to eat out for every damn meal know what i'm talking about. get over there. leave recipes. share tricks. request recipes or ideas. offer to cook food for the opposite sex. hell, offer to cook for the same sex, we're not picky.

thank you. we can all go back to talking about alcohol, now. *grin* i'll be cutting up limes...
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