Superhero points to ponder
Posted by Saint on Thu, 09/08/2005 - 2:04pm.
Were you glad when the Nicholas Cage Superman movie was junked before it could be released? Did you even remember there was supposed to be a Superman movie starring Nic Cage? And who's the genius who thought Nic Cage would be good in that role? -- "Hmm, you know who'd make a great Superman? That one guy...that scrawny, gawky guy, with the receding hair and the undershot chin, the one who can't smile properly and always looks like his dog just died...what's his name?...Oh, yeah, Nicholas Cage. He'd be perfect."

Will Nic Cage make a better Ghost Rider than he did a Superman? Or will that project be dead before take-off too?

Was Fantastic Four the worst super-hero movie you've ever seen? Or did you make the mistake of renting the old Captain America flick? And, yes I do think Fantastic Four was worse than Hulk. Speaking of the Fantastic Four, have you noticed the Thing is rocky and lumpy all over--except for the perfectly smooth area covered by his skin-tight shorts?

-Can't stop, the weasels are closing in!
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