Posted by Mike on Fri, 08/19/2005 - 11:44am.
I had a dream like this once-- but that's another story.

The sun vanishing wouldn't affect Earth's local gravity very much. The tides would change a little, but since the oceans would freeze anyway, why worry? We'd still have geothermal energy and nuclear power, so... um... nah, we'd be screwed. Also, the other planets would go slinging off into infinity and the moon, while still with us, would vanish. Nothing to do but watch the stars and wait.

...but this is all speculation. The Sun can't just vanish, and they say it's too small to go supernova, and that the whole "eight minutes" thing is untrue. Some scientists say that a more accurate measure of solar activity is a neutrino count, but from there the controversy deepens and things get interesting...

So stuff would suck, but would it really be the end? Can there be life without a star's heat? It's an interesting question. If all else fails we could just nuke the Sun, right?

(*sigh*) Don't kids go through an astronomy phase anymore? Damn punks, spending your childhoods having lives and... catching cooties or whatever. Bah!
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