I agree, I've not been that h
Posted by dave on Mon, 08/01/2005 - 3:30am.
I agree, I've not been that hard core a drinker in my life, but I've shot-gunned a few beers here and there.

Light beer is atrocious, especially because it seems extra-bubbly. And I always found the hardest bit of shotgunning to be the first belch that inevitably followed. If you could expel the air without the contents you'd just added to your stomach with the first one, you're fine.

Three shot guns of anything in succession is bloody mad in my mind.

And back in the day, we used to do 21 gun salutes at 21st birthday parties. It was always bad when there weren't 21 people willing to shotgun a can and you had to double up!

"Million to one chances happen nine times out of ten"
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