The interesting question ther
Posted by TheEileen on Thu, 07/14/2005 - 8:16am.
The interesting question there is... what will the practice effect do? Will the more you drink the beer, the more intoxicating it becomes? The more drunk you become? The less drunk? The less intoxicating? Upon what or whom is the practice effect taking effect?

Sidenote: So I'm working at this hopspital in San Francisco, in a conversation with one of the docs about books, we drift to the fact that I read a lot of SF, and he says, "Oh, then maybe you know my old college roommate. I think he wrote some books. David Brin?" After my heart started again, I said, "whattya mean, some books? The guy rocks and rolls with the SF and has written some classics!" "Really, when I knew him he was working on this thing, something about practicing stuff? I didn't get it and he would always be talking about it." I just stared at him across the divide of "clued in and cool" and "stupid doctor with no clue". Grin. I was raving and he kept shaking his head saying, "He's really famous? I didn't think he'd do that well. He was always scribbling or telling stories rather than doing going to classes or writing what he was supposed to."


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