Then i'll show you mine
Posted by Monk on Wed, 03/23/2005 - 7:35am.
So you're going to take a picture and show me yours, plus a picture of the game box?

wow - i love spring!

and the Even back then i was still 'monk'. Leisure Suit Larry ring a bell? The early strip poker games (anyone remember those breasts made up of 1/4 inch squares?) Some of the RPG - but unlike the ones everyone else here talks about - there was a whole Quest series and this space one with your character, Roger Wilko.

Heh, i even remember playing a Quest-like game that was pre-GUI. Completely textual.

And before that, we were all thrilled to ditch our Commodore 64 for this new thing called Atari. Pac man, Asteroids and Missile Command were the standards....but then they were able to magically take Donkey Kong from the pizza joint arcade and put it into an arcade game.

Which of course started one of the great debates of the 80's - which Kong is better - arcade version or home version. goes under the bay???
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