Anza Borrego!
Posted by Matt on Tue, 03/22/2005 - 8:17pm.
I remember it well. Lots of freezing nights and hot days, backpacking with my Boy Scout troop. We were a bunch of suburban kids, so we didn't know how to pick up our feet when we walked, especially while wearing boots. You guessed it; dust clouds everywhere. Five minutes in, I started wearing a bandana-thing over my nose and mouth which, with my sunglasses and hat, made me look like some kind of Darth Vader-esque character in shorts. Very odd.

I learned three important things. 1) A gallon of water weighs 8 pounds. 2) You'll drink that entire gallon the first day. 3) Dress in layers and bring more layers than you think you'll need.

There's some great feeclimbing rocks in Joshua Tree, if the idea of being 50 off the ground on a near-vertical face without a rope doesn't bother you.
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