Posted by Apple on Sat, 02/19/2005 - 8:55am.
Apple hasn't been to San Diego. :^P I've just collected random knowledge from people who have.

Same goes for The Graduate question.

There is a scene with Dustin Hoffman going to Berkeley but his car is driving on the upper deck of Bay Bridge which only goes in the direction of San Francisco.

In another scene, he's driving from Los Angeles to Berkeley in a hurry, and crosses the bridge again (in the wrong direction). But the most direct route from L.A. to Berkeley doesn't require you to cross the Bay Bridge in EITHER direction.

At yet another point Dustin Hoffman is in a cafe on Telegraph Avenue drinking a beer. At the time the film was made, no restaurant within a mile of campus was allowed to serve alcoholic beverages.

I will admit to asking my dad for that last one, but I didn't Google for it. :^P Gotta love a loophole! *G*

P.S. I was here a few years ago, you know.

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