Posted by Matt on Mon, 02/14/2005 - 6:29pm.
That's.... awesome. Last night I only got so far as:
tri tip roast, rubbed with a little garlic salt, a lot of garlic powder, and cayenne
white mushrooms, sliced and fried in olive oil with slices of fresh garlic
garlic mashed potatoes (is it really possible to overdo the garlic?), rough-mashed with skins left on, with butter and olive oil and a mixture of garlic powder and freshly chopped garlic.

Soo awesome.
Oh, and the usual selection of fine microbrews, headed by a bottle of Alaskan Winter Ale, seasoned with spruce tips.

May you all bask in indulgence for one night, whether your valentine is nearby, far away, or someone you haven't yet met.
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