Oh yeah, the FMTV
Posted by brian65401 on Mon, 02/14/2005 - 4:14pm.
Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles. I was on Bragg when they originally fielded them. About a month later post regulations limited them to 35mph because the bellhousing would come apart on the transmission if you drove at sustained speeds above that. Our prime thought at that time was "Dear Lord, do not let us get sent to war in this piece of crap." Also, the floor of the bed is more than 5 ft off the ground. So, you're in the back of this truck and it gets ambushed. Half the people break their necks trying to get out of the truck, the other half get shot in the truck waiting for the first half trying not to break their necks getting out. Our company's best time to clear 18 soldiers out of the back of the truck was 35 seconds, or about 4 seconds per soldier (2 exiting the truck at a time). 2/3 longer than the same soldiers took to clear a duece and a half. Plenty of time for an enemy to take a really good aim at you as you get out of the truck. Bring back the the old duece. The way I figure it, anyone that buys one gets what they deserve.
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