Matt's link worked!
Posted by Intelligirly on Wed, 02/02/2005 - 2:06pm.
Which is amazing! And oh, I am so glad it did. I heart that cartoon, truly.

In other news, I wanted a Humvee long before they were commercially available, thanks to a little show called...hmmm...what WAS that called? There was a fortyish bald guy who led a team of spies...anyway, they drove a Hummer and I drooled over it. Not for protection, not because I was ignoring my love for the environment, but because it was big, black and hot. Judge me if you will. I have a VERY small might say non-existent. The proliferation of them into the world has taken away from the hotness, however. And if you're going to buy a Hummer, why, WHY paint it yellow?
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