My mind boggles
Posted by Intelligirly on Fri, 01/21/2005 - 2:09pm.
Here's something I've been wondering for awhile, and you may feel free to answer or not as you see fit.

Is it weird to anyone else to think about the fact that, according to Mike's long-running collecting of profiles, there are (almost) thousands of people reading this site? Reading a site that basically, what, 20? 30? of us post to on a regular basis? I forget that inpassing's not in a vaccuum any longer. It makes me feel famous, but that part with the "people have maps to your houses", not the part with "we give you loads of money for just existing." I mean, people around the world know that Steff is my sister, Cebu is my best friend, I have a cyber-crush on Mike (and Sluggy and...), etc. They may not care, but they know.

I'm the only one who thinks about this, aren't I?

I love Mike!
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