Posted by Saint on Thu, 02/03/2005 - 1:47am.
Okay, I've got kind of an odd question to the believers in here. A question that requires set-up. One of my wife's co-workers is a Bible-is-literally-true, Earth-is-six-thousand-years-old Christian. She has a long-time boyfriend and they do not, of course, have sex, because premarital sex is wrong. However...uh, I guess there is just no way to put it delicately...oral and manual stimulation apparently don't count. Tribadation (wait...does that word apply to hets or just lesbians? Hell with it, if the word is lesbian-specific, then substitute "the rubbing of the genitals together not involving penetration" for it, and then come up with a frickin word that means that, cause it's a mouthful) is also cool. (I want my wife to ask her if this means that, in her world, the big G doesn't have a problem with lesbians, since nothing two women can do together without a foreign object would be considered sex. But I digress.)

So. The odd question to believers, then, assuming any of them have read this far, is: is this woman's drawing of the line normal? How far does petting go before it becomes sex? And how do you know? Is there a class on it? Or does everyone just draw the line at their own personal comfort zone and assume they're right and hope God feels the same way?
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