Watermelon pants
Posted by Intelligirly on Sat, 11/06/2004 - 10:22am.
Which reminds me of Phoebe's pregnancy pants...

And you know, I can't think of the number of times I've called Cebu a bimbo. If you only knew how true... *laugh* Sheesh, Matt, what a weird thing to think was someone's button.

I think maybe she's referring to the usual term bimbo meaning, "simple minded slut", which seems a silly thing to call someone who made a rather big deal out of the fact that she remained a virgin until marriage, a personal choice not everyone would make, sure, but pretty rock solid on that point, unlike a certain other blonde chickie singer. And the assumption that if she's blonde with large breasts and "hips" (if those are big hips, sign me up!), then clearly she's a ...what's the other word that reminds me of bimbo? Oh,yes, "floozy". Heh.
Now, her singing style frightens me--I think she could swallow an entire child by the dislocation powers of her enormous jaw, but when she's not singing she's pretty. Also, not knowing much about her or having ever watched her shows, she's probably a ditz, but she's got to have some intelligence--she's got more money that I would venture most people on this board have combined, and she didn't inherit.

Okay, on rereading, (I should do that more often), I think her initial point was, "Big hips? BWAH!! You poor boy, to have such bizarrely house of mirrors eyesight." So perhaps I have more issues with corresponding statements than Cebu does. Rant away at me! (I love having something beside politics and religion to debate).

I feel strangely dirty defending Jessica Simpson. I'm not sure how that started. Next I'll be defending Nikki McKibbin.

And b.) I believe Cebu was joking in followup. Ha. Ha. Silly being. O Matt of my heart. :)

I love Mike!
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