Posted by Matt on Wed, 11/03/2004 - 10:34pm.
Something tells me you don't know much about a piece of music editing software called Pro Tools.

I can't sing worth crap and Pro Tools could make me into a pop star, at least on a CD.

Let me hear Jessica sing oh, I dunno, an aria from Carmen or Tosca, a capella, and then we'll talk about who has talent.

Ya know what? Forget it. That's just cruel. Let me hear that whiny hick sing--not warble like some arrogant, no-talent R&B star or American Idol wannabe, but actually sing--anything more difficult than "Amazing Grace" and maybe I'll reconsider my opinion of that big-breasted, big-hipped, bleached hair, can't dance, pillow-stuffing-for-brains, reality series whore.

I have lots of Britney Spears videos. But I have no idea what any of her songs *sound* like.
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