Improbable guess about the quote and Rat Pack etymology.
Posted by slugbuggy on Sat, 10/16/2004 - 1:06pm.
Maybe the guy in the quote really gets paid to eat tomatoes (for the sake of argument), but he's just one of those people who says "practically" or "virtually" when he means "actually" instead, and vice-versa. Misuse of language like that literally burns me up.

Relatedly, I always thought "tomato" and "broad" were interchangable terms, roughly equivalent to "dame". Turns out they're not, according to this guy, who literally has a PhD in babe-ology. A tomato is clearly a subset of the broader category of broads. Regardless, they're all archaic and more or less inappropriate terms, so this mostly is a moot point anyway.

You say "Tomato,"
I say "Dame,"
You say "Dollface"
But it's not the same,
Tomato, Tomahto,
(I hope I win the lotto),
Let's pretend I never brought this up.

Post script:
Aha. I thought I'd seen this topic in here already. Oh well.
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