Posted by Monk on Wed, 10/06/2004 - 1:25pm.
speaking of....no one has an excuse to skip the rubbers. A perfect example was Monday night - after the local Tupperware party wound down, I found that one young lady needed a ride home. I of course volunteered and soon thereafter found that she had an agenda.

Again, being a gentleman, I let her know that I was supportive of her agenda. We both signaled our agreement by removing our clothing - which was done in part while I was carrying her and in part once actually on the bed.

Discussion had slowed at this point, but there was some vocalization. I'm not sure how we understood each other - it seemed we were both fluent in some ancient druid language, but the notion of protection was brought up. At that moment in time, I realized my duty as a man.

I got dressed - minus a few undergarments - drove to the gas station and purchased the needed package.

If I can do it - everyone can do it

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