All chicks
Posted by Monk on Mon, 09/27/2004 - 8:18am.
I can't elaborate too much - but it is safe to say that not only is my office all-female (nod to hypoxic 'except me'), but that the entire company is 99% female.

and i have to say - the new format had a lot to do with my awol-ness. I'm easily confused, and this isn't helping.

So what - now we all just post in our own blogs? Our one site with various threads (nevermind commenting on the state of updates thesedays) has morphed into one site with hidden new comments, difficult to find archives and now at least one potential blog per user?

sigh....maybe i'll just go back to listening about panties. Which certainly seems to raise the question - what was she doing in only panties in front of her brother (why else would she yell for mom?)..or...and potentially more disturbing, if her boyfriend said that - what kind of odd familial relationship is going on that she calls for mommy?
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