Posted by Intelligirly on Thu, 09/16/2004 - 9:04am.
Dreams can come true...they can happen to you...if you wait long enough...

I just spoke to Mark Tauschek!!! On the phone! I now have his cell phone number which I am strongly tempted to abuse, but won't.

This should mean nothing to any of you unless you happen to live in Iowa and watched Channel 13 news. He used to be an anchor on there, then for some hush-hush but causing a lot of tension reason, there were shifts in staff and now he's bumped to the occasional human interest story. And he contacted me for a story I recently wrote. Sure, he just wanted the subject's number but good golly, he knows my name!! *laughs hysterically*

I'm never going to meet a celebrity, but I just came close and the man is positively yummy. And I don't usually go for blondes.

I'll stop babbling about my no-longer-secret media crush now. All I need to complete the sweep is for Bill Hemmer to contact me and I can die happy...well, maybe not die. But be far more giddy than this even. So perhaps that's not a good thing.

Thank you for listening. I apologize for the extremely off-topic nature of this post. Please go back to your regularly scheduled surfing.

I love Mike..er...Mark!!
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