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Posted by Question Authority on Mon, 08/23/2004 - 8:20pm.
Hypoxic - how could I ever leave you? Whenever you feel lost, misinformed or mislead, I'll be there.

Now to the question at hand - all laws must conform to the US constitution. Any question about this was settled in the 14th amendment, although it seems to be splitting hairs as to which governmental entity would have to abide by mere trivialities such as a constitution.

A much more interesting discussion would be why a loittering law does not contravene the freedom to assemble, raised by Jon. Public safety. All of the freedoms have certain limits to them, with a common theme being public safety. Free speech in the middle of an intersection? Freedom of the press via graffiti? Similar analogies (is that redundant?) - but you see the grey area.

And now back to the tropical isle for retired regular ip'ers. Which oddly enough has an acronym of R-RIP. The isle of bagel.
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